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Based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, BGB is a multi-award winning designer and manufacturere of Slip Ring Systems, Underwater Lighting & Camera Solutions, Fibre Optic Rotary Joints and Induction Systems.  

BGB provide rotary interfaces to the industrial, military and civil sectors. We have an extensive range of standard components on offer which are suitable for most applications ranging from Wind Turbines & Rotary Doors to Waste Treatment & Stand by Power Generators.

Our Products Include:

Slip Rings
Explore top-tier rotary engineering with BGB's premium electrical slip rings. Our slip rings and assemblies blend precision, durability, and creativity to cater to diverse applications in different sectors. These solutions are globally renowned and widely employed wherever rotary transmission is essential. Additionally, we provide repair, refurbishment, and replacement services for all slip ring types.

Slip Ring Assemblies
BGB designs and produces a diverse array of slip ring assemblies, guaranteeing the seamless transmission of power and electrical signals across rotating components.

Brush Holders
We create and produce a broad selection of meticulously crafted, durable, lightweight brush holders that are resistant to corrosion. These holders are tailored for use in a wide array of industries, spanning from power generation, marine, and clean water to transportation, industrial, renewable energy, and leisure sectors.

Lightning Protection Systems
At BGB, we specialise in the creation and production of a diverse array of Lightning Protection Systems (LPS), which encompass premium brush holders and mounting assemblies. Our products undergo thorough independent testing to adhere to globally recognised standards, ensuring compliance with DIN EN62305 Part 1 and 2. Renowned for their reliability and effectiveness, our Lightning Protection Systems represent cutting-edge technology in lightning safety.

Crafted from stainless steel, our FORJ (Fibre Optic Rotary Joint) systems exhibit remarkable durability, shielding the units from dust and water infiltration up to IP68 standards. As a result, they remain unaffected by vibration, humidity, heat, magnetism, or other common disturbances.

… And more.

BGB can also carry out repairs, refurbishments or replacements on all types of slip rings.

Our main telemetry product is the highly successful Fibre Optic Rotart Joint (FORJ) – Optilinc. Other products in our range Media Converters, Wave Converters, Wave Division Multiplexers (WDMs), FORJ Slip Ring Assemblies, Optical Cables & Induction Systems.

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