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  • 0113 (Display number) 01132 777393
Elmfield Road
Morley Leeds LS27 0EL United Kingdom

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About us

Brandon Medical is an award winning, UK-based medical technology company with 65 years of healthcare experience. Our range of medical lighting and healthcare devices includes hospital lights, operating theatre lights, surgical lights, medical AV systems, solutions, uninterruptible power supplies and isolated power supplies.

Our Products

Medical Lighting 
Our operating theatre lights have unique designs and are tailored to suit our clients’ needs. Our most popular theatre lighting includes Quasar eLite, Astrama HD-LED and Galaxy Ultra HD-LED. All have a range of tailored technology to provide a high quality outcome. From delivering high colour rendition, large illuminated areas and movement ranges, and shadow control, our medical lighting is tailored to any environment.
We offer minor surgical lighting that also proves invaluable to the practitioner and the patient. This includes full spectrum colour rendition, fat beam illumination and red balance control, as well as variable intensity cold light. In addition to operating and minor surgical lighting, we also offer examination lights using the highest light quality, colour control settings, spring balanced positioning and multi-flex technology.

Medical power and control systems
Brandon Medical control systems are brilliant by design, and we endeavor to design equipment using the latest technology to create ever more efficient and practical devices. Our technology ensures that our healthcare systems, clinics, surgeries and hospitals are cleaner and modernised. Every control panel we offer is individually designed to suit the practitioners’ needs. The features included in control systems are multiple x-ray viewers, time elapsed clocks, temperature and humidity control, ventilation control, medical gas alarms, theatre controls and warnings. Brandon Medical can manufacture any size panel.

Medical AV Systems 
Symposia has outlined that digital communication through hospitals is growing rapidly. Brandon Medical has recognised this and now deliver a complete range of medical AV products, targeting a number of users and applications. The system connects medical professionals to a range of Audio-Visual resources which can be accessed immediately from any location. All audio and video communications can be 2 way between all locations.

Medical AV systems include, multi disciplinary teams where media can be exchanged quickly between medical staff from different disciplines that allow effective collaboration. Training rooms are also provided for active learning by providing 2-way visual and audio communications between clinical environments and seminar rooms for interactive teaching and training. Our medical AV Systems allows practitioners to access media from anywhere with a suitable network connection.
Medical Architectural 
Brandon Medical provides a range of medial pendants. They are able to save 50% more space at the operating site. This has been done whilst increasing both ooverall carrying capacity and the number of electrical, data and gas services available. There is also increased flexibility to accommodate as shelves can be easily added taken away or moved by any member of hospital staff. We offer an extensive range which includes Atlas’™ unique modular construction results in an unbeatable range, with extensive customization allowing every individual pendant to be specifically designed for its end-purpose. Static and Retractable pendants are also available.

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