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Acoustic & Soundproof Moveable Walls

Acoustic & Soundproof Moveable Walls


One of the issues arising from a having a multi-functional space is that when the area is to be divided into two separate rooms it is likely that you will not want sound to be travelling between the two. This would be the case in either an educational premises like a school or in an event space where two different functions would be taking place at the same time. In commercial buildings, an office for example, it may or may not be so important for the airborne sound to be diminished.

Therefore choosing the type of moveable wall or folding partition that will best suit the purpose of the room will need to be carefully considered. The materials used for the partition will affect the acoustic properties of the wall as some are more soundproof than others. Also if the partition is made up of different elements i.e. including doors and glazing, each having different sound reduction characteristics the overall level of reduction will be lower than if the divider had been made of just one material. The leakage of sound through the surround structure of the building must also be taken into consideration.

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About us

With roots that span back many years, Building Additions is a Frome based company specialising in manufacturing folding partitions for various environments.

Commercial Partitions: Commercial properties require as much space as possible to ensure efficiency, cost effectiveness and utmost organisation. Choosing to have a commercial folding partition can benefit all kinds of businesses and organisations. Movable & operable walls are available for those seeking an impressive finish and enhanced acoustics, multifold partitions for areas with limitations, concertina partition doors for an ideal solution for nurseries and pre-schools, and wood partitions with a versatility making it perfect for commercial and domestic environments.

Operable Walls & Movable Walls: Working environments that need to make the most of its space such as offices, schools, colleges, universities and hotels benefit greatly from operable and movable walls. It still boasts the advantages of permanent partitions, but with the added bonus of being able to be put away when not needed.

Multifold Partitions: These are hinged panels that are suitable for restricted ceilings or for where layout changes may be needed. They work most effectively in offices, meetings rooms, function rooms and leisure buildings such as restaurants and so on.

Fabric Concertina Partitions: Just like the rest of our range, fabric partitions are inexpensive as well as creating a divide in a room rapidly and easily. It’s most popular for use in schools and nurseries. It being made of fabric with a coating means it’s washable and resistant to bacteria and other unwanted inconveniences, so it’s no wonder it’s used widely in hospitals and other medical environments.

Wood Sliding Partitions: Aesthetically pleasing, these timber panels are great for offices, sport clubs or more domesticated environments such as care homes or even private homes. When not used, they are stacked away with ease and can be used in all kinds of rooms.

Our Service & Repair: Our partitions and walls guarantee longevity, with servicing and maintenance provided by us to keep them that way. Our service to you stretches to servicing at a time that suits you most and aims to prevent any problems from happening. Repairs are done swiftly by trained staff. We have opened up our repairs and faulty parts replacement services for everyone to use. Other services, including consultations, surveys and more are available.

We have a stunning reputation, with BS EN ISO 9001:2000, ISO9001 Quality standard and ISO14001 Environmental standard accreditations.

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