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Warrington Cheshire WA3 7HT United Kingdom

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About us

Founded in 2003, CableJoG Ltd have over 15 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of bespoke cable testing equipment for a variety of businesses and organisations. 

Based in Cheshire, our company offers an extensive range of good quality cable testers that can be utilised throughout a number of industries and sectors.  We strive to meet the needs of our loyal customer base by designing reliable and continuous cable test equipment that requires little to no maintenance once final installation is complete.

Our Products & Services Include:

Cable Testers

With a commitment to excellence, all our testers are manufactured in the UK and meticulously designed to meet the specific requirements of various industries. Our comprehensive range includes audio, lighting, and network cable testers, as well as audio and video cable testers, industrial cable testers, multipurpose cable testers, ribbon cables, adaptors, breakout boxes, and more. Choose CableJoG Ltd for top-tier cable testing solutions that ensure the efficiency and integrity of your cable systems.

Cable Tester Accessories
From adaptors and breakout boxes to specialized tools, our accessories are crafted to seamlessly integrate with CableJoG's cable testers, ensuring accurate and efficient testing processes. With our commitment to excellence, CableJoG Ltd continues to be a trusted source for professionals and businesses seeking top-tier cable tester accessories that contribute to the effectiveness and reliability of their cable testing setups.

Maintenance & Repairs
As specialists in the field, we understand the critical role that well-maintained equipment plays in accurate testing processes. Our dedicated team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive maintenance services, addressing any issues promptly and efficiently. Whether it's routine upkeep, troubleshooting, or repairs, CableJoG Ltd is committed to keeping your equipment in top-notch condition. Trust us for reliable maintenance and repair solutions that maximise the lifespan and functionality of your cable testing tools, ensuring seamless operations for your business.

Since establishment, our company has manufactured all products within the UK, ensuring that all customers receive excellent service from our team of cable testing specialists.  We offer an impressive range of products including audio lighting cable testers, network cable testers, audio and video cable testers, industrial cable testers, multipurpose cable testers, ribbon cable, adaptors, breakout boxes, CableJoG extras, mains power supplies, ribbon cable IDC headers, RibbonJoG mkll extras, SCART savers and tiny XLR adaptors.

Over the years, we at CableJoG have delivered outstanding service throughout the UK and beyond, establishing ourselves as the world’s leading supplier of new and innovative cable testers that are second to none.  We work to maintain reliability and continuity at all times, as well as the overall satisfaction of our client base. 

Some of our main distributors within the UK include Amber Sound Ltd, Canford Audio PLC, Custom Lynx, Netshop, Ripley Europe Ltd and RS Components Ltd.  We encourage all potential clients to contact our team today.

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