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CLH Healthcare, Devonshire House
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Exeter Devon EX2 8QW United Kingdom

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About us

With more than four decades of experience, CLH Group Ltd has established itself as a comprehensive source for a wide range of care home supplies and healthcare products, serving as your single destination to meet all your business and patient requirements.

We maintain an inventory of all the care products essential for ensuring the safety of residents, staff, and visitors within your healthcare facility. Our product range encompasses a variety of care equipment, including items for moving and handling, nursing equipment, and mobility essentials, all aimed at enhancing the comfort of your residents to the fullest extent possible.

Within our extensive inventory of over 4,000 items, you can explore a diverse range of additional healthcare products, encompassing protective items, essential patient care products, and medical equipment. Furthermore, for the smooth day-to-day operations of your facility, you'll discover a superb selection of linens, catering supplies, and janitorial necessities.

Our Products Include:

Care Equipment
Explore the extensive array of care equipment available at CLH Healthcare. These products are crafted with top-notch quality and durability to endure daily, rigorous use. While they are well-suited for care homes and various professional healthcare environments, they are also suitable for home use. Take a closer look at our premium healthcare equipment selection today. If you require further guidance or information, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Medical Protection Gear
Ensure the safety of both your staff and patients by exploring the medical protective gear available at CLH Healthcare. These products are specifically crafted with healthcare facilities in consideration. Our inventory includes disposable protective gear designed for quick and convenient donning and removal. Prioritise the safety of your staff and patients by browsing through our selection today.

Patient Care Supplies
Take care of your patients using these patient care provisions available at CLH Healthcare. We recognise the critical significance of maintaining excellent hygiene and infection control in patient care. With more than four decades of experience in the healthcare sector, you can place your full trust in our top-tier and dependable patient care items. Our offerings encompass wet patient wipes, dry patient wipes, incontinence solutions, toiletries, and clothing protectors, all designed to meet your patients' needs effectively.

Janitorial Supplies
Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your healthcare environment by exploring the assortment of janitorial supplies available at CLH Healthcare. Our janitorial products originate from renowned cleaning brands in the market, such as Zoflora and Cleenol. Delve into our high-quality range of janitorial items today, including waste bins, pest control solutions, disposable paper and plastic goods, and a variety of other essential cleaning supplies.

Laundry Supplies
Explore our selection of laundry provisions tailored for commercial purposes at CLH Healthcare. The items in this compilation are well-suited for any healthcare environment, whether you require laundry supplies for a care home or a hospital. We exclusively offer top-tier products from reputable brands like Vanish and Astonish. Take a look at our range of industrial laundry supplies available today.

Medical Supplies
Discover the extensive array of medical supplies available at CLH Healthcare. The items in this assortment are indispensable for any healthcare environment, and we offer a diverse selection to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require equipment for drug dispensing, resuscitation tools, or record-keeping materials, we are your trusted medical equipment providers. Feel free to explore our comprehensive range today.

Catering Supplies
Browse through the offering of catering supplies designed for healthcare settings at CLH Healthcare. Our selection includes a superb variety of commercial catering items sourced from top-tier brands such as Churchill, Olympia, and Athena. Whether you're in search of catering supplies for a hospice or a care home, you'll undoubtedly discover the necessary provisions for your facility. Explore our range of kitchenware, cutlery, catering equipment, and more today.

Discover the outstanding selection of commercial linen available at CLH Healthcare today. Our high-quality linen assortment is perfectly suited for various healthcare environments. We provide robust, dependable, and accommodating products engineered to endure rigorous usage, ensuring you'll locate the perfect linen solutions for your patients here. Explore our offerings, including commercial kitchen linen, table linen, and more, right away.

Furniture for Care Homes
At CLH Healthcare, we offer a superb selection of furniture tailored for care homes and various healthcare environments. This curated assortment encompasses bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture that is not only long-lasting and functional but also prioritises comfort. Feel free to peruse our range of care home furniture and take advantage of our nationwide delivery service, facilitated by our team of experienced in-house drivers.

Regardless of the order size, we are committed to providing you with the finest shopping experience possible. Our highly knowledgeable and professional team is readily available for inquiries about any of our products, assisting you in locating the optimal choice for your business. Additionally, following your purchase, you'll have access to our exceptional after-sales service, should you require any further assistance or have additional queries.

Our dependable team of in-house delivery drivers covers the South West region, ensuring that 95% of our care supplies are delivered directly to your UK location. We prioritise the utmost care and safety when handling our products during the delivery process.

When you choose CLH Healthcare as your shopping destination, you can have confidence in receiving top-notch products alongside exceptional customer service. Explore our extensive selection of healthcare essentials today and learn more about our brand.

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