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  • 0127 (Display number) 01279 872020
Commend House Unit 20
M11 Business Link
Parsonage Lane
Stansted Essex CM24 8GF United Kingdom

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About us

Security & communication specialists Commend UK are a leading expert in digital and IP Technology. We are your one stop source, offering a complete range of intercom control systems, intercom terminals and intercom servers for your security and communication requirements. Commend UK offer the largest ranges of intercom systems and accessories for door entry or speech transfer, some of which include;

Intercom Terminals - Wallmount stations, Membrane-protected stations, Vandal resistant stations, Emergency call stations, Door & gate intercom terminals, Desktop stations, Heavy industrial stations, Detention cell terminals, Amplifiers, IP-Converter, Loudspeakers & microphones
Intercom Control Systems - Control desk visualisation ComWIN, Intercom client, Digital control desk system EE380A and EE880
Intercom Server - GE 800 - IP Intercom server in 19" technolgoy,  GE 300 Compact IP-Intercom server, GE 100 Compact Intercom server, GE 50 Intercom server for small sized solutions
Packages & add ons - Counter intercom, Audiocom

Commend Intercom Facts

  • Commend Intercom Systems can be project-specific, modules can be purpose built for the integration of special stations (built-in stations).
  • Commend Intercom Systems have a Digital Voice Server allowing for digital speech processing for messages and speech recording.
  • Commend Intercoms are absolutely reliable no matter whether its light, commercial or heavy industry. Emergency call systems can be made with speech, data and image transmission, emergency calls from elevators in compliance with EN 81.
  • Commend Intercoms can be easily integrated into external systems (fire alarm, CCTV, etc.). They can even be integrated with PA systems offering an excellent 16 kHz sound quality.
  • Commend Intercoms can be used in conjunction with control desk systems and graphical user interfaces for speech, control and display functions.
  • Commend Intercoms offer a second communication level, even in offices that employ digital technology.
  • Commend Intercoms offer a secure connections even when integrated with telephone and mobile telephony.
Our aim is to offer our clients with a comprehensive and compact intercom system that integrates all elements of communication. There is a range of features that facilitate the requirements of communication and security solution for each application area including;

Security & EmergencyBuildings, Lifts, Emergency services, Town centres, Prisons, Detention centres
Transport & infrastructure - Airports, Car parking, Railways, buses & cable cars, Harbours, ports & shipping, Highways & toll stations, Tunnels
Industry & Commerce - Oil & gas, Heavy industry, Light industry, Public utilities,
Healthcare & Education - Hospitals & clinics, University Campuses, Schools & kindergartens, Leisure & entertainment centres, Disabled refuge intercom, Nursing homes & assisted living

Commend UK first introduced a full-duplex 7KHz loudspeaking intercom over in 2003 and since then have continued to develop leading technology Intercom Systems and Servers such as the new IP Intercom Server IS 300, which offers concentrated reliability, is vibration proof due to the solid state design and uses the very latest in Evergreen Technology. The IP Intercom Server IS 300 is low in power consumption making it an eco friendly alternative to traditional systems. 

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