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  • 0208 (Display number) 0208 540 1034
252 Martin Way
Morden Surrey SM4 4AW United Kingdom

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About us

CEL is an independent company specialising in AGL aviation products and commercial & industrial time and alarm systems.

Provider for the Aviation Industry

CEL AVIATION is the leading supplier of AGL system components for airports and obstruction lighting equipment for aviation, commercial and industrial applications. From frangible approach masts and fencing to AGL connector kits & transformers including led obstruction lighting, we supply the most modern equipment and systems for safe flying.

Frangible Fencing a glass fibre plastic construction, no electromagnetic interference, not affect ILS. Pre-assembled fence panels are light to carry and easy to handle, allowing two man crew to install over 100m of fence per day.

Frangible Glide Path Antenna Towers are part of the ILS. Glass Fibre contruc-tion incorporating the stiffness required to ensure antennas work properly at heights. ICAO has indicated that frangibility for GP structures may be demanded in the future.

Frangible weathermasts for installation in critical areas for: wind direction indicators, anemometers, ceilometers, transmissometers. Centre hinged or base hinged operation, easy installation and maintenance, fully frangible no break away points.

Frangible Wind Cones Towers, FAA for airports and heliports and areas requiring wind observation to ICAO & FAA regs state frangibility requirements. They are installed adjacent to runway touchdown zones to indicate local wind conditions.

LED Obstruction lights, CEL Aviation are the industry no. one for LED Obstruction lights. Our 2nd generation products now use the highest quality LEDs to achieve very low power requirements and sustained lifetimes. We offer light fittings that far exceed 110,000 hours steady burning, and due to the low power requirements we offer complete led obstruction light solar powered systems. Our wide range of LED obstruction lights all comply to ICAO annex 14 and FAA regulations. From low to medium intensity led obstruction lights, a variety of led colours, controllers linked to GPS and GSM signalling, mounting sets, replacement led fittings, ready to connect to tall buildings, masts, chimneys, airport environments, cranes etc..

Connector kits & transformers, High-quality AGL series transformers, primary and secondary connectors and cable assemblies for airfield lighting systems. Connector and Transformer products are designed for quick and easy installation. These transformers and connectors are used in numerous international airports around the world.

Provider of clocks and alarm systems

CEL is the leading supplier of Centralised Clock Systems for schools, commercial/industrial buildings, airports, railways, together with sports scoreboards.

Alarms systems for disabled toilets and bathrooms. Panic systems for councils, offices and public buildings. 'Engage-Wait-Enter' systems for schools, commercial offices etc.

Centralised clock systems. Time distribution: For railways, airports, commercial and industrial buildings, schools etc.

Master Clocks, Programmers, Time Centrals to synchronise slave clocks, computer servers, CCTV, ticketing, access control systems.

An extensive range of modern internal and external digital and analogue clocks.

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