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Data Physics Ltd provides its Dynamic Signal Analyzers and Vibration Test systems globally, catering to the needs of the noise and vibration industry.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Data Physics Corporation stands as a pioneering innovator and manufacturer in its industry. Data Physics (UK) Ltd, located in Hailsham, East Sussex, is among the company's global manufacturing, sales, and support facilities.

Data Physics is enhancing its product line by leveraging the achievements of its hardware and software offerings. Abacus represents a top-tier modular system for data acquisition and signal processing, accommodating needs ranging from 4 to thousands of channels. QUATTRO, on the other hand, is a high-performance, portable, USB-powered 4-channel data acquisition and signal processing platform.
Discover Our Extensive Range of Products for Signal Analysis & Vibration Testing:

Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Experience a complete vibration acquisition and analysis solution operated by user-friendly, flexible, and robust software. The compact and durable 900 Series hardware is tailored for challenging field or laboratory environments. Its modular, distributed design allows for scalability to over 1,000 channels for laboratory applications. Learn more about impact testing capabilities with the 900 Series.
Vibration Controllers
The Data Physics 900 Series Platform revolutionises vibration control and signal analysis for the modern era. Integrating Data Physics' renowned shaker control algorithms with state-of-the-art software and new hardware, the 900 Series controllers can swiftly configure to manage any shaker. Furthermore, the platform boasts advanced features including automatic data aggregation from all test stands, customisable Word-based reporting, limitless expandability, simultaneous data recording and signal analysis, intrinsic safety measures, and more.
Electrodynamic Shakers & Accessories
SignalForce products offer complete vibration test systems, featuring Electrodynamic Shakers (both Air- and Water-Cooled), Power Amplifiers, Slip Tables, Head Expanders, Fixtures, and Thermal Barriers for Environmental Testing. The sales and support team at Data Physics excel in comprehending user requirements, ensuring the provision of meticulously configured vibration test systems that satisfy present and future demands.

High Intensity Acoustic Testing
High-intensity acoustic testing is commonly conducted in either a reverberant acoustic test facility (RATF) or a progressive wave tube (PWT). These facilities are crucial for producing exceptionally high sound pressure levels necessary for testing aerospace components. The noise generated by rockets and aircraft can potentially cause damage to aerospace structures and components. Since acoustic excitation cannot typically be replicated using electrodynamic or hydraulic shakers, engineers depend on RATFs and PWTs to accurately simulate the required acoustic excitation.

Since 1984, Data Physics has been providing top-quality test and measurement solutions. As a comprehensive supplier for noise and vibration applications, Data Physics offers a range of products including Dynamic Signal Analyzers, Vibration Controllers, Shakers and Accessories, as well as High Intensity and Underwater Acoustics equipment.

Data Physics products offer vibration testing solutions across various industries, such as aerospace, defence, automotive, manufacturing, power generation, electronics, medical devices, computers, independent test laboratories, civil engineering, and telecommunications.

Data Physics UK Ltd provide customers with full support, training and technical resources, including: installation, calibration, training, trade-in and warranty support packages. If you are working in our field of expertise, we can help. Visit our website or call us for more details.



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