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Durr VSA 300S Suction Unit

Durr VSA 300S Suction Unit


The VSA tecnology developed by Durr combines the complex system of suction unit, separation and amalgam separation in a single unit ansd on one drive shaft, the VSA 300S, especially suitable for one-room surgeries.
With this combination suction unit, more than 97% of the amalgam ends up in the automatically monitored collector vessel.
At a filling level of 95% the VSA 300S indicates that the container must be replaced by a visual and audible signal.
Durr dental suction systems create the required vacuum, which is necessary for problem-free and hygienic treatment. The continuous suction power of approx. 300 litres volume flow per minute at the large cannula makes for perfect visibility in the preparation area and prevents a contaminated aerosol cloud. Before the separated used water is drained off by the waste water pump, it is lead into the centrifuge, where the existing amalgam particals are separated.

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About us

Leading the way in the dental market, Dental Hygienics are at the forefront of industry by offering UK dental surgeries a wide range of dental decontamination equipment such as sterilisers, autoclaves, washer disinfectors and gas plasma decontamination units all of which help prevent the spread of infection

We provide turnkey dental solutions ensuring that you have leading technology in your dental practice and that all safety issues are met when it comes to instrument sterilisation.

  • Autoclaves
  • Washers & Disinfectors
  • Gas plasma sterilisers
As a specialist in decontamination, we supply an array of infection control products manufactured by leading experts in infection control, our decontamination products help dental units work in line with the new HTM-05 regulations.

We supply the Medisafe range of PICO washer disinfectors which ensures that dental instruments are cleaned, disinfected and dried to the highest decontamination standards.

Dental Hygienics & Decontamination has recently acquired the Steri range of autoclaves and are able to supply the following versions:

- Steri Practice -8 N type Bench Top Steriliser
- Steri Practice -8 B type Bench Top Steriliser
- Steri Practice -10 N type Bench Top Steriliser
- Steri Practice -10 B type Bench Top Steriliser
- Combi Unit – Steriliser / Washer Disinfector

Dental Hygienics and Decontamination are the sole agency in England and Wales for dentists Sterrad® NX™ gas plasma disinfector that utilises an advanced hydrogen Peroxide gas plasma process to rapidly sterilise a wide range of dental instruments at a low temperature. The Sterrad® NX™ gas plasma disinfector has a standard cycle time of 28 minutes providing a quick instrument turnaround as well as provide terminally sterile packaged instruments, eliminating the need to compromise with liquid biocides.

Four your convenience we also provide installation services for a wide range of products including our autoclave range and PICO range of Flush.

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Dental Hygienics & Decontamination

Have worked with Dental Hygienics & Decontamination closely and fully appreciate, approve and admire their high level service.


Dental Hygienics & Decontamination

I am writing to appreciate these guys efforts they put in every time my machine breaks down.I have service contract for my 2 x autoclaves and washer disinfector. Their services are second to none. Thank you Dental Hygienics !!!


Dental Hygienics & Decontamination

I bought autoclave and washer disinfector from this company and I am very pleased with their service, their in-depth knowledge about the regulations. There is always someone to help out regarding any questions I had. Very pleased and would definitely recommend to all dental practices


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