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Disco Drives (Kings Lynn) Ltd

  • 0155 (Display number) 01553 761331
Oldmedow Road
Hardwick Indistrial Estate
King's Lynn
Norfolk PE30 4LE United Kingdom

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About us

Disco Drives is a Mechanical Power Transmission Engineering company in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Originally set up in 1965 as a works for ElectroPower Gears Aylesbury, there has been continuous manufacturing of the Disco Variable Speed Drive in King’s Lynn since.

In the mid 80’s we were then procured by ATB Laurence Scott of Norwich and finally in the late 90’s we became Employee owned as we are to this date.

We specialise in industrial mechanical variable speed drives, inline and right angle gearboxes and motors.

·    Many products are available built from stock

·    Same day despatch on orders received before 12 noon (2pm for parts & Subject to availability).

·    We repair all makes of and sizes of Disco Variable Speed units, using our own manufactured components.

·    Repairs to all makes of gearboxes also undertaken.

·    Products manufactured:

·    Disco Variable Speed Drives

·    Disco Differential Variable Speed Drives

·    ElectroPower Gears gearbox manufacturer (EPG)

The Disco Drive and ElectroPower Gears gearbox are long standing market leaders. 

The range of sizes and assembly variations of both the EPG and Disco units allows for a wide variety of uses in most industries.Our range includes:

·    Inline single, double and triple reductions.

·    Right-angle, solid shaft, single and double reductions

·    Contra-rotating, single input, double reduction units (twin shafts, one inside the other, rotating on opposite directions)

·    Disco mechanical variable speed drive.

Each unit can be used alone or in combinations giving access to infinite ratios and speeds.

We are also able to certify our inline unit for hazardous area usage.

All the power transmission parts are made at our works in King’s Lynn from special steels selected for their properties, precision finished and ground to fine limits to ensure high efficiency and long working life. All the casings are machined from castings obtained from English foundries, mainly from cast iron but we can commission other materials if required. 

The Disco units are quiet and vibration free and parts wear is minimal even when run at fixed speeds for extended periods.

Mounting can be foot or flange and in various attitudes, depending requirements. 

We quote on request for both mechanical drives and subcontract work

Sub-contract capacities:

·    CNC Turning:- Three lathes, two with bar feeds (65mm capacity). One machine with C axis for milling and drilling. 

·    Vertical M/C Centre:- Haas VF-3 1016mm x 508mm capacity, with rotary Indexer. 

·    Grinding:- Eight various machines capable of grinding 400mm dia x 750mm long shafts. (Universal, cylindrical, surface, ring, tool and cutter grinders) 

·    Turning:- Seven lathes up to 600mm dia x 1300mm capacity. 

·    Vertical Boring:- Two machines up to 1220mm capacity, with two axis DRO. 

·    Horizontal Borer:- One meter cube capacity with 3 axis DRO. 

·    Jig Borer:- Newel 20” x 15”. 

·    Milling:- Universal, vertical and horizontal machines. 

·    Broaching:- Two horizontal machines. Both Metric and Imperial available

·    Honing:- Delapena speed hone up to 50mm capacity. 

·    Slotting:- 150mm stroke. 

·    Drilling:- Eighteen drilling heads including pillar and radial drills. 

·    Sawing:- Automatic band saw, 250mm capacity.

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