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About us

IML Labels & Systems began trading in 1936, supplying temperature resistant metal tags to the local steel producers of the era in Sheffield.  IML’s product range has increased and evolved over the years; embracing new technologies and the demand from businesses around the globe to increase production efficiencies by labelling earlier in the production cycle. 

Today IML uses state of the art production equipment to manufacture high quality labels and tags from specialised, high performance substrates capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, contact with water, chemicals, dirt and oil and rough handling and prolonged weathering.

Prior to submitting a proposal IML’s friendly, knowledgeable Sales Team consults with clients in detail on issues including label functionality, the production environment, life-cycle conditions, historical labelling problems and compatibility with any existing printing systems.  IML’s aim is to source the best labelling solution for your business in terms of functionality and budget and present a competitive proposal based on excellent quality materials, inks, adhesives and unrivalled customer service.

Below represents just some of IML’s specialised labelling ranges:-

High Temperature Range – The production of steel and other metals, oven baking and steam sterilisation via autoclaves all involve extreme temperatures requiring specialised labelling materials to survive in hostile conditions.

Thermotag 600 labels withstand temperatures up to +600˚C and can be overprinted with barcodes and variable data using a standard thermal transfer printer.  Thermotag 600 is also resistant to creasing and crumpling which helps maintain barcode legibility.  Thermotag 600 tags are supplied in roll format and available plain or pre-printed in up to 6 colours.

HTP (High Temperature Polyester) withstands temperatures up to +260˚C and is a bright white material with an attractive glossy satin finish.  Dirt, dust and oil can be wiped from the surface of the tag easily.  HTP can be pre-printed in up to 6 colours and thermal transfer overprinted with barcodes, numerical sequences and text.  HTP is available as a tag, self-tie label or with an adhesive backing making it a versatile and popular choice.

Self-Adhesive Polyimide labels resist temperatures up to +370˚C and are durable, water and chemical resistant.  Self-adhesive Polyimide has a satin finish face which can be wiped clean with ease and is suitable for thermal transfer overprinting.  Labels can be supplied pre-printed or plain.

Heavy Duty Strength – Tear resistance is vital in many industrial and engineering environments.  IML has developed an extensive range of labels and tags to cope with rough, repeated handling, mechanical stress, dirty conditions and pro-longed outdoor exposure.

Rip-proof tags were pioneered by IML in the early 1990’s and remain a popular choice today.  Rip-proof tags are manufactured from woven polyester coated with PVC on both sides for exceptional strength and durability.  One side is smooth and is ideal for thermal transfer overprinting.  Available in 9 different colours Rip-proof supports colour coding systems making identification at long range easier and overcoming language barriers.  Rip-proof can be printed in up to 3 colours.  It resists crushing and creasing to ensure the readability of barcodes and tracking data in extremely tough environments.  Rip-proof is temperature resistant up to +180˚C.

Multiplas tags offer heavy duty strength and tear resistance.  Multiplas is available plain or pre-printed in up to 6 colours.  It can be overprinted using a thermal transfer, dot matrix or solid ink printer making Multiplas a versatile material.  Even after the tag has been cut or nicked Multiplas resists further tearing so is ideal for use in tough environments at ambient temperature.

Laserplas is available in 4 different grades - 125, 195 and 250 microns and Laserplas Tuff for added strength.  Laserplas is primarily used in conjunction with a LED laser printer.  IML’s Laserplas material has been approved by OKI.  It displays anti-static properties to aid jam free feeding.  Great strength, weather resistance and durability are the prominent features of Laserplas which is available in tag, self-tie, stick-in and sheet format.  Using Laserplas with a colour LED laser printer allows users to create professional looking full colour picture/barcode labels in-house and on-demand in volumes to match immediate requirement.  Colour laser printing systems can also be utilised to print stationery, promotional literature, signage and notices as well as labels.

Self Adhesive Labels – Ensuring label longevity in hostile conditions and on difficult, uneven surfaces requires specialised high performance labels.

Mattrans - By far the most prominent feature of IML’s self-adhesive Mattrans labels is the high tack, waterproof adhesive (BS 5609 marine approved).  Mattrans is ideal for use in applications requiring long term outdoor exposure and contact with water and chemicals.  The aggressive adhesive makes Mattrans suitable for application even in moist conditions.  Mattrans also displays tamper evident properties so removal and reapplying the label is almost impossible once the label has bonded to its surface.   

Mattrans Extreme is a super strength self-adhesive label which has highly aggressive adhesive, perfectly suited to applications where a significant amount of dirt and machine waste is present or the application surface is uneven.  Mattrans Extreme can be a great asset in industries where other labels have repeatedly failed.  Warning - Mattrans Extreme labels should not be applied directly to the skin.

PP Gloss and Matt - IML's self-adhesive PP labels are ideal for businesses requiring durable synthetic self-adhesive labels on a budget. PP is resistant to liquids including most household detergents to ensure product identification and hazardous warnings are maintained. PP is available in gloss or matt finish with permanent, waterproof BS5609 marine approved adhesive or removable adhesive options.

Horticultural Labelling Range

IML manufactures an extensive range of labels and tags to meet with the demands of the horticultural industry including self-tie labels (also sometimes referred to as loop-locks and wrap ties) stick-in (pointed end) labels, hang tags and self-adhesive labels supplied in rolls for thermal transfer printing of sheets for laser printing.  In 2013 IML become the sole distributor of Growmaster and HLS specialised horticultural software packages.  

Printing Systems

IML specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of full printing systems involving thermal transfer printers, OKI colour LED printers, labelling software, thermal transfer ribbons, consumables and aftersales servicing and maintenance.  Alternatively, for businesses wishing to outsource their label printing, IML provide a label overprinting service; printing variable data such as barcodes, number sequences, barcodes and descriptive text supplied by the end user.

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