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14 Ock Meadow
Stanford in the Vale
Faringdon Oxfordshire SN7 8LN United Kingdom

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Acquisition Support


Growth through acquisitions can be an excellent strategy for expanding your business footprint and entering new markets. However, the acquisition process is complex and requires careful planning and execution. At Fayre International, we provide comprehensive acquisition support services to guide you through every stage of the acquisition process. From target identification and due diligence to valuation analysis and negotiation support, our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure a seamless and successful acquisition.

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About us

Situated in Faringdon, Fayre International Ltd is a financial consultancy focused on guiding clients toward growth opportunities. Specialising in strategic business planning and execution, the firm aids clients in realising their aspirations. This expansion can be accomplished organically or by merging with another business, resulting in improved overall performance after a successful integration of the acquired entity under its new parent company, benefiting shareholders.

Fayre International provides a range of services that encompass marketing, financial support endeavours, and the identification and negotiation of potential acquisition targets. It offers a complete transaction process, which encompasses activities like due diligence and business valuations, ensuring successful outcomes. This typically involves close collaboration with a client's internal teams, advisors, and other relevant parties. Supplementary offerings encompass divestiture of certain or all organisational operations that no longer align with stakeholders' needs, along with any restructuring required to optimise the streamlined organisation for upcoming challenges.

Our Services Include:

Business Planning
Sound business planning is essential for achieving sustained success over the long term. At Fayre International, we provide extensive business planning solutions that assist you in creating a well-defined path for your enterprise. Our proficient consultants collaborate closely with you to evaluate your present status, pinpoint avenues for growth, and lay out strategic actions. Whether you're embarking on a fresh venture or aiming to broaden your current endeavours, our business planning offerings furnish the wisdom and tactics necessary to excel in the industry.

Financial Consulting
Efficient financial management stands as a crucial component of achieving business triumph. Our financial consultancy offerings are crafted to fine-tune your fiscal operations, elevate profitability, and mitigate risks. Our adept financial consultants will meticulously evaluate your fiscal panorama, pinpoint avenues for enhancement, and forge customised strategies to simplify procedures, enhance cash flow, and optimise profitability. With Fayre International by your side as your financial consultancy ally, you can make educated fiscal choices and attain enduring growth.

Acquisition Support
Utilising acquisitions as a means of expansion can prove to be a strategic approach for broadening your business influence and accessing fresh markets. Yet, the process of acquisition is intricate and mandates meticulous strategizing and implementation. At Fayre International, we deliver thorough support services for acquisitions, steering you through each phase of the process. Our team of specialists will collaborate intimately with you, providing aid in target pinpointing, due diligence, valuation analysis, and negotiation support, guaranteeing a smooth and triumphant acquisition journey.

Interim Finance Service
In times of change or when confronting unforeseen hurdles, the presence of skilled financial experts becomes pivotal. Fayre International presents interim finance solutions, rendering you with the necessary proficiency on a temporary basis. Our interim finance specialists can seamlessly take on vital financial responsibilities within your enterprise, be it as CFO, financial controller, or treasury manager, ensuring uninterrupted operations and steadiness during pivotal junctures. With our interim finance provisions, you can sustain financial management, make well-grounded choices, and adeptly navigate through transient financial complexities.
Customised offerings designed for manufacturing enterprises, service sectors, as well as public sector entities, with a special focus on charities. These services extend to those with international operations, notably in mainland Europe and the Middle East. The company also accommodates foreign organisations aiming to establish a presence in the UK market.

The spectrum of clients we assist spans from newly established ventures to multinational corporations across diverse industry segments. Our support is accessible for extended initiatives, serving in either an interim or non-executive role.

To understand the requirements of a new client, a free consultation lasting half a day is provided.

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