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5KG GT5 Stainless Steel Light Commercial Grease Trap


The GT5 light commercial Grease Trap is our entry-size solution to helping prevent unwanted fats, oils and grease (FOG's) build up in your drains.  Made from catering grade 304 stainless steel, the GT5 is suitable for a single sink bowl and can also be used for domestic waste..
This manual 16 Litre inlet capacity grease trap runs entirely using the flow of water and internal directional baffles which ensures waste water easily escapes whilst allowing fats, oils and grease to cool, rising to the surface and staying within the trap. This GT5 has a 5kg Grease Capacity. 

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About us

At UK Grease Traps Direct we believe that environmental responsibility and awareness is an important matter for every business even if waste management may not be the most exciting of areas. We offer a range of grease traps and accessories with the aim of reducing build-ups and blockages in drainage systems commonly caused by the fats, oil and grease typically associated with commercial kitchens.

We have been supplying the catering industry for over 20 years and understand exactly what our customers need. We concentrate on high quality manufacture, outstanding performance and enhanced efficiency, all at low prices and backed by our comprehensive customer service. 

All kitchens will have to deal with some form of grease and fats, with quantities increasing in relation to the size of the operation and number of meals produced. Disposing of these waste products directly into the sink allows large, untreated volumes of FOG to enter the main drainage system, eventually building up into a 'fat berg' which is capable of causing major blockages. This will often have a detrimental impact on the environment and the business operation itself.

Grease traps, also known as grease interceptors, provide the ideal solution to tackle these problems. Fats and grease are filtered from waste water prior to entering the drainage system, being safely stored in the trap until cleaned out and disposed of appropriately, allowing the water to flow freely into the drain. Unfortunately, there are businesses that still fail to take this issue seriously, hence it becoming a matter of key importance for governing bodies, with a tougher stance being taken with offenders.

Don't be caught out with costly cleaning bills; invest in a quality grease trap to maximise eco-friendly practises and make sure you're doing your bit for the environment.

Articles/Press Releases

  • 07/01/2020 - The Grease Contractors Association
    The FOG problem is huge. Fats, oils and grease (FOGs) are making it down drains across the world and water companies from Baltimore to Brisbane are finding fatbergs forming in their sewers.
  • 03/01/2020 - A Quick Guide to Grease Trap Grease Disposal
    So, you’ve decided to join a community of thousands of food business owners and take on the fatberg problem.
  • 16/12/2019 - How Do I Know If I Should Get a Manual or Automatic Grease Trap?
    The FOG problem still looms large. Fats, oils and grease (FOGs) are still making their way down our drains and into our sewers where they clump together and form fatbergs over time.
  • 09/12/2019 - Fatbergs – A Global Pandemic
    Fatbergs are not new in our society and have been around for decades.
  • 29/11/2019 - Fighting Against the Fatbergs
    Most people know about the Fatberg problem. Having hit the front pages and featured in dedicated museum exhibitions, Fatbergs have become familiar to a wide audience — even if the issue isn’t quite dinner table conversation across the nation.
  • 25/11/2019 - Would You Pay £2600 to Save £8k?
    Grease traps can seem pricey. And that price-tag can push some into buying cheaper, less-durable traps or even opting to take the risk and not have one at all.
  • 18/11/2019 - Do You Know Your Grease Trap from Your Grease Interceptor?
    Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, or just revamping your current one, you’re going to need to install some form of FOG mitigation system.
  • 12/11/2019 - Not All Publicity is Good Publicity
    Most businesses have always believed in the old adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity.
  • 04/11/2019 - Fatbergs and Climate Change
    Our societies are currently facing a huge number of problems and our modern way of life is responsible for at least two of them: from the huge existential climate crisis to the relatively obscure fatberg problem plaguing our cities. It can be difficult to see the links between these two, but they are there: let’s take a closer look…
  • 25/10/2019 - To Flush or Not to Flush
    For decades, the toilet has been one of the safest and efficient ways to dispose of waste matter. With time, waste matter from our bodily functions stopped being the only thing we flushed down toilets. Currently, we are more likely to flush other offensive and unimportant items down our toilets because it is fast and efficient.
  • 21/10/2019 - What Size Grease Trap Do I Need?
    Grease traps are an important addition to any commercial kitchen. Their work in limiting the amount of harmful waste that ends up in the drainage systems and consequently the environment can never be overstated.
  • 14/10/2019 - How Do Water Companies Know Who’s Caused a Fatberg?
    Fatbergs can be the fault of particular food businesses or they can be a community effort.
  • 23/09/2019 - Biggest Fatbergs on Record
    Is it me or does it seem like fatbergs are only getting bigger and badder -- that the problem is only getting worse?
  • 09/09/2019 - Poor Grease Management and FOG – the Effects on Wildlife
    Two weeks ago, we looked at the environmental impact of poor grease management: how releasing FOGs into our sewers wastes resources and helps to pump greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.
  • 04/09/2019 - FOG, Grease Traps and the Law
    The modernisation of the food industry has seen a lot of improvements and additions to a commercial kitchen. Every year, more of these commercial kitchens and food joints are opened, all offering different cooking practices and cuisines to an ever-ready clientele.
  • 04/09/2019 - Poor Grease Management and FOG – the Effects on the Environment
    It All Begins with An Inefficient Kitchen
  • 13/08/2019 - Why Do Grease Traps Smell So Bad? A Solution
    Fried foods tend to smell pretty tasty, but rancid FOGs (Fats, Oils and Grease) rarely do. Because of this, trapping grease in a box and leaving it there for it to go off may not seem like such a good idea, at first. Those first thoughts can make some forget the environmental benefits and put off investing in a grease trap.
  • 29/07/2019 - Fatbergs – An Insight into the Modern World?
    Fatbergs Can Tell Us a Lot About Ourselves…
  • 15/07/2019 - Is the Foodservice Industry Finally Taking FOG Seriously?
    From fatbergs weighing 130 tonnes to recurrent flooding caused by blockages, Britain’s sewers are under siege. If we continue to flush fat, oil and grease (FOG) and non-biodegradable items into the sewers, the situation will only get worse.
  • 03/07/2019 - The Super Sewer Strikes Back
    The world has undoubtedly progressed and developed through the ages. This is a good thing, after all we wouldn’t have the medication, technology and modern comforts that are often taken for granted in the 21st Century.
  • 19/06/2019 - Putting Unruly Fatbergs to Good Use
    The Origins of a Fatberg
  • 12/02/2019 - Anatomy of a Fatberg
    Ever thought about where that residual juice, fat, oil and grease from cooking equipment, trays and plates goes once it’s disappeared down your sink? Despite what many people think, it doesn’t just wash cleanly down the pipes to a treatment centre.
  • 29/01/2019 - Whitechapel – Just the Tip of the Fatberg
    Following the well publicised discovery of what is thought to be the UK’s largest fatberg on record in Whitechapel 2017, the issue of congealed masses of public waste has hit the headlines.
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FFD Grease Management Solutions

UK grease traps helped me out when I was in a real pickle with the water board - advising me on the best option for properly getting rid of my kitchen oil waste. The cost was pennies compared to the fine I was being threatened with from the water company & I haven't had any issues since so I'd really recommend the them.


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