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With a foundation dating back to 1994, Filmtek Ltd is the premier destination in the UK for top-quality window film solutions. We serve both residential and commercial sectors, providing a diverse range of methods dedicated to enhancing safety, security, energy efficiency, and thermal comfort. Our extensive customer base has consistently recommended our services for years, applauding our state-of-the-art glass anchoring solutions that have benefited countless homes and businesses worldwide.

At Filmtek, we recognise the versatile applications of window films in addressing common glass-related challenges we encounter in our daily lives. Our offerings include a wide selection of solar control window films that provide protection against excessive heat, as well as safety and security window films that safeguard against potential break-ins. Moreover, we specialize in designing and installing custom glass manifestations, aiding individuals in adhering to the latest health and safety regulations.

Our Products & Solutions Includes:

Filmtek Data Centre Solutions
Filmtek is excited to present our latest offering in Enhanced Security & Defence Protection products and services. We are proud to be the authorised representative company for CRS Solutions, covering the UK, Europe, and MENA regions. With CRS Solutions being a prominent industry leader in comprehensive solutions for the data and communications sectors, we will accompany you throughout the entire process, from design and construction phases to the final fit-out stage.

Enhanced Security & Comb Blast Window Film
Enhance the security of your current glazing by promptly upgrading it to defend against forced entry intruder attacks, vandalism, high-winds, and even bomb blasts and explosions. With high-tensile strength window film, you can add an additional layer of protection to fortify your building, safeguarding both people and property while ensuring the continuity of your business operations.

Anti-Shatter Safety Glass Containment Film
To promptly meet health and safety, building, and other regulatory requirements, opting for the retrofit application of film is a cost-effective and minimally disruptive alternative to re-glazing. It offers continuous peace of mind by ensuring that in the event of glass breakage, whether accidental or intentional, it will break safely. Additionally, our services encompass comprehensive glazing surveys to further support your needs.

Solar Control / Heat & Energy Reduction Film
Solar Control Film is a well-established energy conservation technology that brings notable environmental sustainability and business advantages. As businesses and building management are increasingly focused on reducing energy consumption and costs, the application of retrofit solar control film offers multiple benefits. It effectively reduces heat and glare while enhancing thermal comfort, leading to significant savings for all parties involved.

Graphics, Privacy & Manifestation Film
Manifestation graphics serve multiple purposes, serving as both a means to comply with Building & DDA Regulations and an opportunity for additional branding. Whether achieved through methods like digitally printed designs, frosted cut-outs, coloured films, vinyls, or other techniques, manifestation graphics offer a versatile solution. They can not only enhance privacy but also provide a platform for corporate signage, allowing you to effectively promote your brand.

Overhead Glazing Safety & Containment
Filmtek, the experts in window film and glass containment, offer a prompt solution to the unforeseen risks of spontaneous glass failure. By applying high-tensile strength clear glass containment window film and utilising our anchoring solutions, we effectively address this issue. Rest assured that with our expertise, your glass is protected and potential dangers are mitigated.

Window Film & Edge-Retention Anchoring
Filmtek's well-proven high-tensile strength film and anchoring systems provide superior protection and containment capabilities. These systems effectively secure and confine hazardous broken glass shards and fragments within the adhesive layer of the film. Additionally, the film is firmly anchored in place using an anchor system that is compatible with various types of glazing systems. This combination ensures enhanced safety and minimizes the risks associated with shattered glass.

Throughout the years, Filmtek Ltd has established strong and collaborative partnerships with our valued customers, solidifying our position as the foremost manufacturer of exceptional film solutions in the UK. We are committed to delivering utmost protection for properties and valuable assets, which is why we have developed customised anti-bandit and anti-theft features as effective deterrents against vandals and thieves. Our company is dedicated to safeguarding our clients' properties through the utilisation of innovative tools and expertise.
As a leading authority in the industry, we are your go-to experts for projects worldwide, with our headquarters based in the UK and additional offices in Dubai, Singapore, and Australia. Whether you require our services locally or internationally, we are well-equipped to assist you in achieving your project goals.


Articles/Press Releases

  • 07/08/2020 - Storms Causing Chaos
    During Storm Ciara an accident took place in East Croydon. A large glass canopy above the entrance in East Croydon Station shattered, spraying glass everywhere causing a major disruption to trams and operating trains. Should anti shatter safety film have been used, disruption would likely have been kept to a minimum.
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    As many business owners get used to working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s natural to feel concerned about your premises.
  • 01/04/2020 - Intruder Protection & COVID-19
    As many business owners get used to working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s natural to feel concerned about your premises.
  • 30/01/2020 - How Does Anti Shatter Safety Film Protect You?
    Welcome to our article where today we are discussing the beneficial elements of fully protecting you, employees and the general public.

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