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About us

At Focus Packaging Ltd, we excel in pallet wrapping machines and stretch films for pallet wrap. Since our establishment in 1999, we've earned a solid reputation for exceptional customer service and the excellence of our Alpha packaging machines, which are unrivalled in quality.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority in all our endeavours. Our goal is to assist you in ensuring that your products are packaged and palletised securely, efficiently, and affordably. We offer an excellent selection of products and resources to accomplish this. Ultimately, the wrapped pallets containing your customer merchandise represent your company's first impression, making it crucial to get it right.

Since we specialise in both the equipment and the stretch film, we offer a comprehensive service. Instead of just selling you equipment, we ensure you have the best stretch film for both the machine and the pallet load, minimising your wrapping costs. Additionally, we provide pallet wrap machine maintenance to keep your equipment in optimal condition for years to come. Our finance, rental, and pre-used options make it easier for you to afford the equipment necessary to enhance your business's effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Products & Services Include:

Power Stretch Pallet Wrappers

We offer a wide selection of Power Stretch Pallet Wrappers catering to varying usage levels, from light to high volume users. These wrappers can significantly reduce stretch film usage compared to mechanical brake pallet wrappers, with potential savings of 60/70%. The Alpha 508 pallet stretch wrapper, ideal for medium to high volume users and heavier loads, boasts high stretch potential (up to 300%) to achieve cost-efficient pallet wrapping. For automated wrapping, the Alpha 701 stretch film machine features a low-profile turntable with a 300mm ramp, conserving ramp space and facilitating easy loading with a pump truck. Each automatic stretch wrap machine includes an extended parts guarantee.

Orbital Stretch Wrapper Semi-Automatic Machine
Orbital pallet wrappers are engineered to wrap pallets, bubble wrap, and even foam wrap elongated items like doors, wooden mouldings, metal, and plastic tubing. They can utilize a combination of any two materials simultaneously. There are two versions available: the Neleo, a semi-automatic machine that requires labour to aid in wrapping products. Depending on the items being wrapped, it's possible to operate these machines with no conveyor or just one. On the other hand, the Atis is the fully automatic version capable of bundling and securing multiple items simultaneously. The Neleo Orbital stretch wrapper is semi-automatic, needing an operator to assist in wrapping. Due to low volume use, an after conveyor might not be necessary, depending on the products being wrapped. The wrapping ring on this orbital stretch wrap machine ranges in size from 50 cm up to 2 meters.

Nano Pallet Wrapping Films
Nano stretch film is produced using 55 layers of diverse polymers, resulting in exceptional strength and puncture resistance despite its lightweight and thin composition.

Pallet Wrapping Film
We provide an extensive selection of premium machine stretch films, including a top-tier 12-micron film with 300% stretch capability. All our products are readily available in stock for immediate delivery. Moreover, every purchase comes with comprehensive technical support for all your pallet wrapping needs. We offer a money-back guarantee if the quality doesn't meet your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings.

Pallet Wrapping Machine Rental
We offer pallet wrapping machine rentals on short or long-term terms tailored to market needs. Demand for these machines may exceed supply. If you anticipate a future need, kindly register your requirements and dates, and we'll keep you updated on availability. Additionally, we provide long-term leasing options for pallet wrapping machines.

… And more.

We provide consultancy services for general packaging design and sampling, assisting you in developing secure and stable packaging solutions for your products. Our goal is to ensure your products remain safe during transit while also maintaining cost-effectiveness.

We'll assist you in minimising waste and enhancing your environmental impact by offering eco-friendly and efficient pallet wrap materials and machinery.

Based in Wolverhampton, our central location enables us to efficiently cater to businesses across the UK mainland. With a vast product range, we offer next-day delivery services for most orders.      

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