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About us

Working closely with leading manufacturers from Europe and the USA, Fullbrook Systems Ltd specialise in the supply of equipment for quality control process control and monitoring applications including rheology, viscosity measurement & control, dispersion, stability analysis, turbidity, ink testing, dispensing, tanking and dosing within chemical & pharmaceutical, food & beverage and print industries.

The Fullbrook Systems dispersion product range includes bead mills, basket mills, Laboratory & Pilot Plant Dispersers, Vacuum Mixers and production Dissolvers.

Our Products Include:

DISPERMAT Dispersion

Fullbrook Systems offers a comprehensive range of dispersion equipment and accessories suitable for laboratory to production use. With over 35 years of collaboration with German dispersion equipment manufacturer VMA Getzmann GmbH, Fullbrook Systems is a trusted partner for dispersers, mixers, stirrers, bead mills, and basket mills from the well-known DISPERMAT range. VMA-Getzmann's products are recognized for their innovative technology, design, and high quality, ensuring safety with integrated devices compliant with the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC across all dispersing, mixing, stirring, and grinding equipment.

Kemtrak Analysers
Kemtrak specialises in high-performance industrial process photometric, fluorescence, and turbidity instruments that are simple to use and require zero maintenance. As a company focused on in-line measuring instruments and automation solutions for industrial process engineering, Kemtrak prioritises innovation and technical excellence. With over 25 years of experience in industrial analysis, Kemtrak continuously enhances its products and services by integrating the latest technology and know-how to meet evolving industry needs.

Wilhelm Niemann Dissolvers 
Fullbrook Systems Ltd is a trusted provider of Wilhelm Niemann Dissolvers, offering high-quality dispersion equipment for various industrial applications. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence, Fullbrook Systems specialises in supplying and supporting Niemann Dissolvers, known for their efficiency and reliability in mixing, dispersing, and blending processes. Backed by extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise, Fullbrook Systems ensures that their customers receive tailored solutions and comprehensive support for their dispersion equipment needs. Whether for laboratory or production environments, Fullbrook Systems is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions with a focus on performance and innovation in collaboration with Wilhelm Niemann.

Inline Refractometers
We source our process refractometers from Schmidt & Haensch, a renowned German company established in 1864. These online refractometers enable continuous and real-time measurement of refractive index, accurately determining liquid concentrations or mixing ratios. The measurements remain precise and unaffected by turbidity, colour, absorption, or viscosity, ensuring optimal process control. Common applications include Brix measurement for sugar and sugar syrups, demonstrating the versatility and reliability of these refractometers in various industrial settings.

Powerwise Ink Pumps
Fullbrook Systems Ltd is a leading provider of Powerwise Ink Pumps and accessories tailored for the flexographic and gravure printing industry. With a focus on delivering high-quality solutions, Fullbrook Systems offers a range of reliable ink pumps designed to optimise ink supply and distribution processes in printing operations. These specialised pumps and accessories are instrumental in achieving consistent print quality, improving efficiency, and minimising downtime. Backed by expertise in printing technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Fullbrook Systems ensures that printers have access to innovative and reliable solutions that enhance performance and productivity in the flexographic and gravure printing sectors.

… And more.

Fullbrook viscosity measurement & control products include process viscometers, Laboratory Viscometers and Rheolaser Rheometers.

Fullbrook also supply turbidity & Pholometers, stability analysers, ink test instrumentation, dispensing, tanking and dosing systems, diaphragm pumps, ink pumps & filters and dairy analysers. Viscometer.

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