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About us

Hi-Rel Group, part of the Qnnect portfolio, has been a key player in the microelectronic packaging industry since its establishment in 1976.

Renowned for our expertise, we specialise in manufacturing intricate metal components tailored to the industry's unique requirements. Our diverse product range encompasses getters, absorbers, covers, ring frames, thermal management solutions, preforms, and more. With a strong commitment to excellence, we continue to deliver highly specialized and reliable solutions to the microelectronic packaging industry.

Our manufacturing operations are distributed among three specialized facilities: Hi-Rel Products, Hi-Rel Alloys, and Hi-Rel Lids. Each facility has its distinct expertise, focusing on a core specialty within our production process. By combining the strengths of these facilities, we are able to offer customers comprehensive turnkey solutions that deliver high performance and meet their specific needs.

Common Materials Include:

Pure Mo, Cu or W 
Laminate materials; CMC, CPC and SCPC 
Mo/Cu and W/Cu composites 
Metal Matrix Composites: aluminum, copper and silver diamond 
PCD – Polycrystalline diamond  
MCD – Mono-crystalline diamond 

Hi-Rel provides a wide selection of materials that can be utilized for package bases, flanges, and as die sub-mount tabs. Our materials are carefully chosen to meet the demands of high-performance applications, ensuring exceptional material performance, accommodating complex geometries, maintaining tight tolerances, and adhering to the highest-quality standards. We strive to deliver materials that fulfill your specific requirements and exceed your expectations.

Hi-Rel Group Product & Service Offerings 

Getter Solutions 

Products Include:

  • Moisture Getters
  • H2 Getters
  • CO2 Getters
  • 02 Getters
  • Organics Getters
  • Multiple Contaminant Getters
Hermetic Package Lids & Assembly
Products Include:
  • Stepped / Flat Lids
  • Solder Seal Lids
  • Domed Lids & Cans
  • Window Lids
  • Solder & Braze Preforms 
Thermal Management Solutions 

Products Include:
  • Thermal Tabs
  • Thermal Management Base Plates
  • Heat Dissipation Materials
  • Thermal Spreaders 
Precision Support Components 

Products Include:
  • Lead Frames
  • Ring Frames
  • Vapor Deposition Materials

We're pleased to annouce we'll be exhibiting at ECOC 2023 this October!! Please come and see us on stand 957.

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