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15-16 Woodbridge Meadows
Guildford Surrey GU1 1BJ United Kingdom

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About us

Founded as Everett Edgcumbe, High Voltage Instruments Ltd. has been a pioneering force in test instrument design since its establishment in 1900. Over time, the company underwent a name change to Edgcumbe Instruments Ltd. and introduced the Metrohm brand.

Internationally renowned for its exceptional product quality, innovation, and value for money, the Metrohm brand enjoys a prestigious reputation. In April 2007, following a management buy-out, High Voltage Instruments Ltd expanded its portfolio by incorporating the Metrohm range of High Voltage products, originally designed by Edgcumbe Instruments.

Since 2007, the company has been headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. However, in November 2020, after a takeover by T&R Group, High Voltage Instruments' manufacturing facilities were relocated to a state-of-the-art and larger manufacturing complex in Guildford, Surrey, in 2022.

Our Products Include:
High Voltage Detectors
Extensively utilised in the electricity industry, these devices are crucial for verifying that high voltage lines are safely de-energized before any work commences. This vital step ensures the protection and well-being of personnel involved.

Dead Break Testers
Precisely engineered for the purpose, these devices are specifically designed to be used on capacitive test points found in separable connectors and insulated polymetric cables within fused cable boxes.

Live Line Indicators
This battery-powered electronic unit is meticulously crafted to cater to the testing needs of DC systems, with a specific focus on Mass Transit Railway (Metro) and Tram models.

Wireless Phase Comparators
Engineered for the purpose, this device is designed to accurately ascertain the Phase Relationship between two energised conductors operating at the same nominal voltage and frequency. Remarkably, this can be achieved without the requirement of connecting cables.

Live Line Testers
Created with the purpose in mind, this device is specifically designed to carry out measurements for both live voltage testing and phasing in various settings, including overhead lines, substations, and switchgear compartments.

High Voltage Indicators
This device is utilised to detect the presence of voltage, serving as an essential tool to ensure the safety of maintenance or installation personnel. Its purpose is to enable the safe grounding of the apparatus.

Why Choose Us


With over two decades of ISO 9001 accreditation, our brand has established a strong reputation built upon the exceptional quality and reliability of our products. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards, ensuring that all our customers receive the utmost quality in every aspect of our offerings.

History of Excellence

Since our establishment in 1900, we have remained at the forefront of test instrument design. Throughout the years, our products have been embraced by engineers worldwide. Today, our brand is recognised globally for its exceptional product quality, innovation, and value for money.

Approved Products

Our test instruments are employed across the globe and hold approval from major electricity boards in the UK. Their consistent performance and suitability have been extensively proven in the field for over five decades.

Global Reach

For over half a century, we have been consistently expanding and refining our distribution network. Comprised solely of authorised distributors and trusted vendors, this network empowers us to supply our products to customers around the world.

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