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About us

Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd manufacture and supply anti graffiti coatings, flame retardant paints and fire protection coatings, as well as graffiti removers, floors coatings, floor sealers, self cleaning masonry paints and energy efficiency coatings.

Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd are very flexible to the needs of the customers and can provide anti graffiti paints in any colour, graffiti removers for all surfaces, flame retardant paints in any colour as well as clear.
Anti Graffiti Coatings

Hydron supply various anti graffiti paints and anti graffiti coatings. These include long lasting anti graffiti coatings, which can last up to 15 years. These anti graffiti coatings are available in any colour, as well as a clear glaze anti graffiti coating, one for internal and another for externals. Hydron also supply a clear impregnation anti graffiti coating for bare surfaces to keep the natural appearance of the substrate.

These anti graffiti coatings have the following trade names:
  • Nu-Cryl A.G
  • Nu-Guard AG
Fire Protection Coatings

Nu-Flame is the trade name for Hydrons flame retardant paints and fire protection coatings.

Hydron supply fire protection coatings for timber, steel and walls and ceilings as fire upgrades in communal areas.

Fire Protection for structural steel is available in 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes fire protection, with a decorative finish in any colour.

Nu-Flame Fire protection for timber will give a Class 0 Surface spread of flame. Hydron can offer 2 clear treatments in either a varnish or a clear impregnation, which is invisible. Hydron also offer a painted system, which is available in any colour.

Hydrons Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade System can be painted over existing paint in communal areas vto achieve a Class 0 Surface spread of flame. Nu-Flame Fire Upgrade system is available in an anti graffiti, acrylic eggshell or matt finish

Energy Efficient Coatings

Nu-Guard NRG is a range of Energy saving and energy efficient coating systems using the most up to date technology available.. Nu-Guard NRG provides superior protection and energy saving properties. Other advantages of the Nu-Guard NRG range includes lowering thermal conductivity of buildings, protects against weathering, super hydrophobic water repellency giving self cleaning properties, UV stable excellent resistance to dirt and pollution.

Floor Coatings

Nu-Base is a range of floor coatings to suit every need such as factories, warehousing, workshops, transport depots and hospitals. Hydron manufacture a variety of floor coatings including 2 pack epoxys in various colours, polysiloxanes and single pack floor paints in any colour. Nu-Base floor coating systems combine long term resistance to foot and vehicle traffic with excellent decorative and hygienic qualities. Nu-Base Floor coatings are hard wearing, and resistant to water ingress, oil, grease, solvents and other chemicals.

Steel Coatings

Nu-Steel is a range of steel protection coatings with different qualities. Nu-Steel SP is a single pack economical metal coating system. Nu-Steel QD is a quick drying system ideal for applying to steelwork where a fast return to public use is required such as stairwell balustrading. Nu-Steel TP is a two pack coating with excellent decorative appearance and outstanding resistance to solvents, chemicals and weathering, giving a long lasts coating of over 10 years.

Graffiti Removers

Hydron manufacture a range of graffiti removers for all types of surfaces. AG2 Graffiti Remover is a mild graffiti remover with low odour to remove graffiti from sensitive surfaces such as polycarbonate, glass and road signs. AG3 Graffiti Remover is used to remover graffiti from non-porous surfaces such as metals, plastics and painted surfaces. AG4 Graffiti Remover is used to remove graffiti from porous surfaces such as brickwork and concrete. SL1 Shadow Lifter has been designed to be used after the AG4 Graffiti Remover where any shadows are left with in the surface of the structure.

Ancillary Products

Hydron also manufacture a variety of ancillary and cleaning products used as a preclean treatment before protecting the surface, or as maintenance cleaners. These products include BC2 Brick Cleaner for removing general grime from brick and stone, CM1 Cement & Mortar Cleaner for removing cement and mortar stains from brickwork, PC1 Pave Clean for cleaning paved surfaces, MC1 Multi Clean for cleaning prefabricated and hard surfaces, SS1 Sterilising Solution which is a fungicidal wash used prior to painting and sealing, OD1 Oil Dispersant used for dispersing oil from paving and hard surfaces, and SN1 Salt Neutraliser for neutralising salts in mineral substrates such as plaster, brickwork, concrete and old stone.

Articles/Press Releases

  • 17/04/2015 - Wiseman Muller Dairy
    Following the large electrical fire at Wiseman Dairies in Hampton Lovett near Droitwich, where at its height, 60 fire-fighters tackled the blaze Hydron were tasked with the job od specifying the Fire Protection Paint to the steelwork in areas of the fire damaged rooms. Muller Wiseman Dairies said the fire had damaged a low voltage switch room and fire damaged 25% of the second floor.
  • 08/04/2015 - New One Coat Primer & Topcoat
    Hydron have developed a new metal paint. Nu-Steel One Coat Primer / Topcoat is a one coat metal paint system which is touch dry in 20 minutes.
  • 16/03/2015 - North Road fire protection for steelwork
    Hydron have just supplied the paint for the Fire Protection to the steelwork at 1-42 North Road in North London to achieve 60 minutes fire protection.
  • 03/03/2015 - Allhallow MSCP Receives a Face Lift
    Allhallows Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP) in Bedford has recently received a £2,350,000 refurbishment. This contract has been completed under budget and on time, meaning the car park was open before schedule.
  • 04/08/2014 - Hydron apply Nu-Base HB Epoxy at Calder Pressure Systems
    Hydron Protective Coatings have applied Nu-Base HB Epoxy Floor Coating at Worcester based Calder Pressure Systems.


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