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IQ Locking Solutions Ltd

  • 0345 (Display number) 0345 055 1972
Unit 11 - 7, Borers Yard
Borers Arms Road
Copthorne West Sussex RH10 3LH United Kingdom

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About us

IQ Locking Solutions Ltd is a reputable provider known for their expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining top-notch security systems. They offer an extensive selection of electronic locks suitable for diverse industries and sectors.

With a strong presence in West Sussex, our company has amassed over 35 years of industry experience, serving numerous customers with unparalleled high-end products. Our well-established brand, Digilock, has gained widespread recognition and has been successfully utilised in various applications for the past three decades. Our product range includes Next Lock, Numeris, 4th Generation, and Legacy, all of which have set a benchmark in the market.

Our Products from Reputable Brands Include:

Axis electronic locks are specifically designed for locking locker, cabinet, and furniture doors, making them an ideal choice for various applications. Their sleek style and aesthetic appeal seamlessly complement and enhance the overall appearance of furniture, whether it's in a corporate, healthcare, leisure, or hospitality setting.

Cue electronic locks are a versatile choice for almost any application where budget considerations take precedence over style and aesthetics. Primarily designed for staff and student lockers, they effectively ensure the security of personal belongings while simplifying key management challenges and enhancing the overall user experience. The advantages of Cue electronic locks include cost reduction in facilities management and improved efficiency and control over storage lockers.

The SOLA 3 electronic locks are an excellent choice for both new installations and retrofit applications that traditionally utilise cam locks, such as locker doors, cabinets, and drawers. With its attractive design and rich features, the SOLA 3 offers exceptional value for money. It seamlessly complements modern furniture used in front-of-house applications, whether in corporate environments, healthcare facilities, leisure establishments, or hospitality venues. The SOLA 3 ensures the secure storage of confidential company information, stock, or personal belongings by effectively addressing key management challenges and improving the overall user experience. The advantages of SOLA 3 include reduced facilities management costs and enhanced efficiency and control over storage units.
The Digilock series comprises electronic and mechanical locks that offer enhanced control and management of personal storage solutions for employees, students, and guests. These locks are compatible with various types of lockers, cabinets, and furniture, including those made of wood, metal, and composite materials. Digilock is the favoured option among designers, architects, facilities managers, as well as gym and spa operators across a wide range of sectors, from corporate environments to hospitality and beyond.

At IQ Locking Solutions, we specialise in offering electronic locking systems suitable for a variety of applications, including wooden, metal, and composite lockers, cabinets, and furniture. Our comprehensive services cater to a wide range of industries and sectors, such as health and fitness, education, professional sports, workspace, healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, government, leisure, and corporate environments, among others. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to developing top-quality products that incorporate advanced technologies and innovations, bringing numerous benefits to our esteemed clients. We take immense pride in our work and constantly strive to expand our service offerings.

Established in 1981, our company's core emphasis has always been on innovation, expertise, and the use of patented technologies to deliver an exceptional end-to-end service experience. Our product offerings are equipped with user-friendly interfaces, incorporating either a keypad or RFID system. Throughout our journey, we have collaborated closely with numerous designers, architects, facilities managers, gym operators, and spa operators, who have consistently lauded our services for their reliability and efficiency.

We strongly encourage prospective clients to contact our team promptly to initiate discussions about upcoming projects.


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