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Little Keep Gate
Barrack Road
Dorchester Dorset DT1 1AH United Kingdom

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About us

A leader in the European market, KELLER is a trusted and reputable company with many years’ experience in the manufacturing of pressure measurement products. In fact, we are very proud to say we are Europe’s largest manufacturer of pressure transmitters and sensors as well as global leaders in sensing technology.

Our repertoire includes high quality, cost effective and reliable pressure transducers, pressure transmitters, data loggers, level probes, digital pressure gauges, digital indicators, pressure calibrators, pressure switches and digital manometers.
Accessories are also available for the items already mentioned, and include, batteries, mating connectors, hand pumps, protective rubber coverings and cases, converters, adaptors and software.

We pride ourselves on being comprehensive in both expertise and product.  Many areas and industries are covered by our vast product range and includes but is not exclusive to, oceanology, oil and gas, water depth, hydraulics, refrigeration and many more.

With our UK headquarters in Dorset, we are passionate about providing our customer with the best possible service and a quality product of the highest-level.  We work together with our customers to design and engineer their own specific product and if your order is of moderate to high volume, we are more than happy to offer a price to reflect that.

Many of our products are piezoresistive and can be found in a variety of different sizes and series.  Our pressure measurements range from 10mbar up to 1500bar, products are in standard outputs 4…20mA, 0…10V, 0.5…4.5V and digital RS485 and standard operating temperatures of 10…40°C,         -10…80°C and 20…120°C.  We can also cater for different requirements.  Products also differ in range depending on the industry and/or application.

The entire product range, information and examples of applications can be found on our website along with software, converters and further details about KELLER UK.

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