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About us

Based in Manchester, Lighthouse Acoustics is an autonomous acoustic consulting firm with expertise in areas like sound testing, environmental assessments, architecture, industrial and building services, noise and vibration analysis, as well as planning and expert witness support.

In the role of acoustic consultants, we deliver a personalised and proficient service to clients in both the private and public sectors throughout the UK, all while maintaining competitive pricing.
Our Services Include:
Noise Surveys
Lighthouse Acoustics specialises in conducting surveys for evaluating environmental noise, operational noise, as well as monitoring noise during demolition and construction activities. Both current and planned developments can lead to acoustic disruptions. The influence of sound can arise not only from new construction projects, but also from various origins such as road and rail transport activities, airports, industrial sites, noise from DIY superstores in residential zones, and even nightlife establishments. Our industrial noise surveys ensure compliance, and we also furnish acoustic reports suitable for planning applications.
Noise Mapping
Our team of acoustic experts conducts noise mapping for current or potential noise origins related to transportation and industrial activities, considering ongoing or planned developments. Our specialists visit the location to gather data and conduct acoustic surveys. The process of acoustic mapping aids in identifying potential noise disturbances that might extend from existing sources to planned developments.
Impact Assessments
We offer planning-related environmental impact evaluations that encompass the effects of noise on both the intended project and the surrounding surroundings. Our experts in noise impact assessment possess a proficiency in this field, encompassing the utilisation of sound measurements and advanced techniques to anticipate and recognize potential environmental consequences of proposed projects or developments.
Sound Testing
The sound assessments carried out by our acoustic specialists encompass pre-finalisation sound insulation tests, evaluations of airborne and sound insulation, measurement of reverberation time, assessment of indoor ambient noise, and building services noise evaluations. These tests are designed to aid in meeting the requirements of Part E Building Regulations.
Architectural Acoustics
This includes evaluations of airborne sound insulation, impact sound insulation, the exterior shell, internal separation, sound confidentiality, reverberation duration, ambient noise levels, sound-absorbing treatments, raised floors, sound-absorbing linings, heavy barrier ceilings, secondary glazing, sound-absorbing baffles, and BREEAM Hea 05 considerations.
Building Services Acoustics
We thoroughly analyse all elements of architectural acoustics, encompassing outdoor noise emissions, indoor background noise levels, noise breakout from plant rooms, noise transmitted through ducts, attenuators for reducing cross-talk, equipment like generators, condenser units, dry air coolers, air handling units (AHUs), extraction fans, pumps, booster sets, fan coil units, noise-dampening devices like silencers and acoustic louvres, as well as BREEAM Pol 05 considerations.
Vibration Assessments
Our vibration evaluations encompass surveys to gauge vibrations, services for assessing re-radiated noise, monitoring vibrations during demolition and construction, transportation-related vibrations, machinery-induced vibrations, techniques for isolating vibrations, and compliance with specifications like BS 6472 and BS 5228.
Noise at Work

Lighthouse Acoustics is focused on noise assessments in work environments, hearing safeguarding, noise management, and adherence to The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.
Expert Witness
Our services as expert witnesses encompass impartial witnessing, testing, and evaluation of constructions, treatments, and the subsequent reporting.
Bringing more than two decades of experience in acoustic consultancy, the director of Lighthouse Acoustics possesses comprehensive expertise across key building domains, including Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Leisure, Retail, Education, and Healthcare. Credentials encompass a BEng in Electroacoustics, membership in the Institute of Acoustics (MIOA), affiliation with the Association of Noise Consultants (ANC), and enrolment in the ANC Pre-Completion Testing Registration Scheme.


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