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About us

Ten Rings Group, headed by CEO Mankash Jain, offers investment management and research offerings to a specialised cohort of individual clients and institutions. Ten Rings grants entry to investment tactics and methodologies employed by the most extensive and highly advanced institutional investors.

Our research team possesses exceptional skills in the realm of global capital markets, risk management, and the evaluation of managers and financial instruments. Ten Rings stands out in three main domains: Strategic Asset Allocation, Tactical Asset Allocation, and the selection of managers.

The Funds We Specialise in Include:

With more than 15 years of market exposure in the field of FX, we identify ourselves as frontrunners in the analysis of FX trends and market price movements. While FX is accessible to all, achieving the remarkably high returns we have accomplished demands the fundamental abilities and proficiency exclusive to Ten Rings. Our team represents an exceptionally skilled cohort with a deep understanding of global capital markets.

Crypto Currencies
Ten Rings actively endorse promising concepts within the realm of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has firmly established itself, and the potential for achieving substantial gains endures. We continuously monitor the most recent advancements and shifts within this sphere to generate elevated returns while mitigating associated risks.

Real Estate
Each investor possesses distinct characteristics, encompassing a personalised approach, distinct investment strategy, unique risk tolerance, and specific market preferences. Our objective is to furnish a well-structured and all-encompassing portfolio tailored to satisfy diverse investors. Those aiming to enhance their investment portfolios can choose from our top-tier opportunities that harmonise superior construction with exceptional local market prospects. We incorporate global diversification, market patterns, uncharted potential areas, zones of attraction, growth prospects, allure, and, most importantly, the potential for substantial returns.

Global Hope
Ten Rings makes substantial investments in worldwide government initiatives, aiming to enhance the well-being and resources of marginalised communities. This encompasses all avenues of enhancement and factors that trigger positive change for villages, societies, and populations that stand to gain significantly from investments that elevate their quality of life. We take pride in leveraging private equity not only for generating financially rewarding outcomes but also for generating substantial and constructive effects in areas that urgently require attention.

Sporting Arbritage
Through extensive research and analysis spanning several years, we have dedicated our efforts to crafting methodologies for evaluating and engaging in transactions within this emerging asset category. Our endeavours have enabled us to transform the expanding market focused on predicting sporting events' outcomes into a sophisticated trading platform, powered by our advanced technical systems.

We firmly believe that achieving successful portfolio management hinges on global diversification, and this conviction has driven our significant entry into this industry. Our involvement spans a wide spectrum, from Hollywood film production to restaurant franchises and from hotel ventures to television networks. Our goal is not just to be a participant but also to extend the same opportunity to you. Recognising that entertainment and leisure are enduring aspects of human existence, we continually seek innovative avenues to harness growth across diverse segments within this market.
Our group of quantitative analysts has amalgamated the techniques we've employed over several years to formulate a systematic framework. This framework identifies transient market trends and patterns, leveraging them for immediate profits. These established and proven methods grant us an edge over the market, and we exclusively engage in trading when we are confident of our success.

"If you identify as an Asset Manager, Family Office, Ultra High Net Worth Individual, or a substantial Institutional Investor, we welcome your outreach." - Mankash Jain, CEO

Mankash Jain is CEO of Ten Rings and a highly accomplished FX expert with over 20 years of experience in the financial industry.


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