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Abergorki Industrial Estate
Treorchy Glamorgan CF42 6DL United Kingdom

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About us

Measure Monitor Control (Web Shop), formerly, provides commercial catering parts for dishwashers and warewashers, including Peristaltic Chemical Dosing Pumps, Water Pumps, Booster & Drain, Gas Control, and Solenoid Valves, Pneumatic Valves & Regulators. Flow, Level, Pressure, and Temperature are also among our measurement products. Having years of experience in the catering industry, we are able to provide free advice to Commercial Catering Engineers & Manufacturers, End Users and Owners & Managers of catering businesses.

Our Products Include:

Peristaltic Chemical Dosing Pumps
Peristaltic dosing pumps are designed for low flow rates and low pressures within dosing systems. Positive displacement pumps, such as those from Germac and Microdos, are driven by rotors on Silicone or Santoprene tubes. The Peristaltic Dosing Pumps we offer are suitable for a wide range of commercial dishwashers, commercial warewashers, and catering glasswashers. Peristaltic pumps with fixed and adjustable flows are available, as well as adjustable mechanical dosing pumps for rinse aid applications. Both internal and external dosing pumps are available from us.

Water Pumps, Booster & Drain
For commercial dishwashers and ware washers, we offer a complete range of water pumps, booster pumps, and accessories.

Gas Control
For gas control in commercial kitchens, we offer a complete range of gas interlocks and control panels. The Intelligas range is manufactured in the UK and comes with a 5-year warranty. Additionally, we stock commercial kitchen cooker hood accessories such as fan and current sensors.

Solenoid Valves
We offer a complete line of solenoid valves and spare parts.

Pneumatic Valves & Regulators
All industrial applications can be accommodated by our ATEX and GOST Ex certified pneumatic air preparation and flow control products. The standard construction for all our products is 316L. It is ideal for marine offshore or corrosive petrochemical environments. Many of our products are constructed of aluminium, demonstrating cost and weight savings, especially in areas where copper content must be avoided, such as ammonia or fertiliser plants.

Cryogenic Valves
We stock a complete range of cryogenic valves in the UK. Italian cryogenic valve manufacturer Boscarol Srl has been providing cryogenic valves for over 50 years. Flow and pressure control valves for hot and cold cryogenic lines. Boscarol valves comply with the relevant directives, such as ATEX and PED. Count on Boscarol valves for high reliability and performance.

Water Hammer Arrestors
Water Hammer Arrestors reduce or eliminate the noise, vibration, and damage caused by water hammers produced by some domestic water systems. In order to get the most benefit from these devices, you need to place them at the optimal point in your system.

We offer a range of products that measure the flow of various media, including Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature.
Contact us for further advice Tel: 01443 772 500

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