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Pacific House
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Carlisle Cumbria CA3 0LJ United Kingdom

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Hytera PD505LF Digital Licence Free Two-Way Radio


Packed with functionality and licence-free, the Hytera PD505LF handheld digital two-way radio impresses with its safety features and flexibility to support for both digital and analogue communications, ideal for manufacturing, events and hospitality environments.

Like all Hytera handheld radios, an extensive portfolio of accessories is available for the PD505LF. Whether that be multiple-handset chargers, cases, headsets or speaker-microphones, the PD505LF can adapt itself to any and all operating requirements.

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About us

Nortech Radio Communications Ltd is a prominent UK authority in providing, renting, and servicing two-way radio communication systems and applications.

Operating from locations in Carlisle and Kendal within Cumbria, we distribute radios and equipment to diverse businesses, primarily across Northern England and Southern Scotland.

No matter the specifications you have, our team will collaborate closely with you to provide a tailored and budget-friendly solution that not only meets but surpasses your expectations. We prioritise delivering value without compromising on quality, ensuring that the solution we offer is not only cost-effective but also achieves outstanding results. Our goal is to provide you with a solution that maximises your investment while staying within your budget constraints.

Our Products Include:

Licence Free Two-Way Radios

License-free two-way radios, commonly referred to as walkie-talkies, offer a budget-friendly option compared to the higher-powered analogue and digital radios. Operating on the unrestricted PMR446 (Private Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) frequency band, they eliminate the need for call charges, fees, age restrictions, tests, airtime contracts, and most operational expenses.
Analogue Two-Way Radios
Analogue radios are ideal for mobile workers, providing reliable performance and straightforward operation at an affordable price point. If you're seeking a straightforward and practical solution, analogue technology may be the right choice for you. These radios offer greater power compared to license-free models, necessitating an Ofcom license for operation (typically priced at £75 for a 5-year term).
Digital Two-Way Radios
Digital two-way radios cater to the needs of businesses and individuals seeking superior communication quality, extensive coverage, heightened security, and dependable reliability. With the capacity to accommodate twice as many users and support two channels on your digital system, these radios offer enhanced flexibility and efficiency. Our digital radios also feature dual Analog/Digital mode, allowing seamless integration with existing analogue radio systems. This facilitates a cost-effective transition to digital two-way radio technology while ensuring compatibility with your current setup.

CB Radios
CB radio, known as Citizens Band radio, is a widely used land mobile radio system in numerous countries. It enables short-distance, two-way voice communication between individuals on 40 channels located around 27 MHz (11 meters). Unlike many other radio services, CB operation doesn't necessitate a license and is utilised for both personal and business purposes. Multiple radios within a local area share a single frequency channel, with only one able to transmit at a time.

Repeaters for Two-Way Radios
A repeater is a device employed to extend the radio coverage for your users when standard "back to back" radio usage fails to reach the necessary areas. These repeaters can function in both Analogue and Digital modes and often come equipped with battery backup capabilities. Typically installed at elevated locations and centrally positioned within the desired coverage area, repeaters utilise high-gain, durable antennas and low-loss cables to maximise efficiency and effectiveness. This ensures the repeater delivers uninterrupted service for many years.
Contemporary body cameras have become more compact, lightweight, and advanced in the range of features they offer. These features include full HD video quality, infrared capabilities, night vision, compatibility with wearable devices, and the ability to live stream footage to other devices.

And more.

Our two-way radio rental services cater to a variety of needs, whether it's for one-time events, ongoing projects, or day-to-day business operations. Offering instant, clear, and dependable communication, our services enhance staff efficiency and safety, addressing health and safety concerns and lone worker conditions. We provide complimentary radio site surveys and demonstrations, along with a fully maintained and licensed fleet of two-way radios from top brands like ICOM, Hytera, Motorola, and Kenwood.
Nortech was formed in 1973 and has continued to provide an excellent service to a wide range of customers across many sectors, such as construction, security, retail, leisure and sports.

Throughout our tenure, we've provided radios for significant occasions, extended endeavours, and recurring short-term requirements. We uphold consistent service standards for all customers, taking pride in the elevated benchmarks we adhere to.

For any inquiries regarding Two-Way Radios, please reach out to Nigel Metcalfe or Simon Osman at 01228 544678.



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Nortech Radio Communications Ltd

Long established business.


Nortech Radio Communications Ltd

Friendly and professional, the radios they supplied me were great and the price was also very competative.


Nortech Radio Communications Ltd

Great to deal with. These lads really know their stuff. We would strongly recommend them


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