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Option Systems Limited
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About us

As a prominent worldwide provider of systems catering to the apparel and footwear sectors, Option Systems Limited stands as an ideal collaborator for your enterprise. Our range of offerings includes our specialised software, namely STYLEman365 ERP and STYLEman365 PLM, which, in conjunction with solutions from our collaborators, presents the most all-encompassing integrated systems solution currently accessible.

Our systems are crafted specifically for the apparel and footwear sectors, earning renown as the foremost advanced, adaptable, and inventive solutions accessible across the globe. With a team of internationally experienced professionals, spanning more than 500 collective years in the realm of apparel and footwear, we are well-equipped to ease the burden of your system implementation. Allow our consultants to steer you through every facet of the journey, starting from selecting the appropriate system, all the way to seamless implementation and continual assistance.

STYLEman365 Overview

STYLEman365 marks the evolution to the fifth generation of our esteemed STYLEman software tailored for apparel and footwear enterprises. This innovative iteration is offered in two formats: it can be deployed as an on-premise application, hosted on your office server, or as a comprehensive cloud-based solution. Regardless of the chosen setup, the software is accessible from any location, ensuring compliance with essential security measures—an imperative in today's "work from anywhere" ethos.

STYLEman365 preserves the operational principles and database of the most recent STYLEman release, while transitioning the user interface into a complete browser-based format to enable cloud-based deployments. This approach upholds the resilience and demonstrated proficiency of STYLEman, streamlining the process of upgrading and training while maintaining its established reliability.

STYLEman365 comes as a multi-lingual application, equipped with translation utilities that empower you to convert it into the desired languages for your specific audience. This capability additionally enables you to tailor the system's terminology to align with your company's preferences, in case your chosen language varies from industry standards.

Services Overview

Alongside furnishing advanced and scalable software, at OSL, we complement our offering with an unparalleled array of services.

Our application consultants originate from the industry itself, boasting extensive experience in implementing software within apparel companies. Their expertise and guidance during the application implementation process significantly enhance the value of our proposition.

Every new client is assigned an application consultant who will take charge of the project and engage other personnel from the company when necessary. These supplementary resources could encompass technical experts for hardware and networking setup and management, consulting professionals to offer insights into business processes, developers to craft interfaces for existing systems, or training specialists.
Generally, our consultants possess a minimum of a decade of pertinent industry involvement, coupled with an additional ten years of experience in introducing computer systems to clothing and footwear businesses.

Our team of experts collectively accumulates more than 500 years of experience in the apparel industry. This extensive expertise spans the entire spectrum of the sector, encompassing small independent ventures to major multinational corporations. Our coverage encompasses all facets of the market.

Throughout the past thirty years, OSL has established an unparalleled reputation and track record. We've served a diverse clientele, ranging from fledgling startups to prominent and sizable players in the industry. Reach out to us today to explore how we can contribute to the growth of your business.


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