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About us

Founded in 1846, Orridge is a trusted stocktaking provider with a reputation for quality. We deliver accurate and cost-effective stocktake solutions to a strong and expanding customer base.

Operating throughout the UK and mainland Europe we offer stocking solutions to the pharmacy and retail sectors, including warehouse & distribution, supermarkets and supply-chain. On-shelf-availability and supply chain optimisation are amongst a range of available service options.
We have the freedom to choose the technology we use and the expertise to make the right decision. A dedicated client-facing team maintains and develops all supporting tech systems, ensuring our clients' solutions are as diverse and adaptable as our customers.
Handheld Technology
Data is captured with maximum accuracy and speed by wireless handheld scanners.

On-Site Systems
The management of stocktakes is supported by a comprehensive set of management reports and tools that can be used to monitor and improve efficiency and accuracy.

On-Site Reporting
Our stocktakes provide users with user-friendly and relevant reports they can use to review and benefit from the service. Upon completion, a store will feel confident that it has thoroughly understood the stocktake.

Accuracy Validation
Our stocktakes can be checked at any time by stores with our excellent range of options. We have the right solution for you and your business, whether you use tablet PCs, paper printouts, or scanner-checking.
Automated File Handling
The automated file handling system we use ensures prompt delivery of results (within minutes of count completion) via email or FTP.
Client Web Portal & Advanced Reporting
With our client portal, you can review and analyze count data for current and historical counts through a web browser.

View the LP Magazine here, which has an interview with our Sales Director, Peter Davies and a Stock Accuracy Forum we organised last year.


Articles/Press Releases

  • 22/03/2024 - The Bare Necessities of Stock Accuracy.
    By its very definition, a supply chain is a journey. That journey is comprised of many landmarks and stop-points, which require careful monitoring to ensure a smooth and accurate transition.
  • 09/02/2024 - Dedication to Distribution
    The challenges of distribution are manyfold. Whether that is looking at your carbon emissions, route planning or team availability, distribution is at the heart of any supply chain.
  • 14/08/2023 - Iceland Case Study
    Iceland Foods first store opened in 1970 in Shropshire. They are now a unique British food retailer with over 900 stores throughout the UK, a further 40 owned or franchised stores across Europe, and a global export business.
  • 08/08/2023 - Stocktaking
    One of the advantages of having two independent companies conduct your stocktaking, is increased accuracy.
  • 07/07/2023 - Simplify Supply Chain Optimisation (S.C.O)
    Supply Chain Optimisation (S.C.O.) is a complex subject that Orridge simplifies through the data it can provide.
  • 02/06/2023 - The Pharmacy Show
    The Pharmacy Show is the major gathering for the Pharmacy Professionals of the sector for over a decade.
  • 05/04/2023 - Stock Accuracy Forum
    Following our Stock Accuracy Forum November 2022, we sent out a survey and there are some interesting results. I wanted to share some of them with you.
  • 15/03/2023 - Retail Risk Podcast
    Retail Risk Podcast is ranked Number One most influential podcast in retail risk management by independent rankings agency, Feedspot, and eighth in all of retail…


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