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About us

Pacific Solutions International Ltd, also known as PacSol, have been in business since 1995, helping organisations throughout the UK automate the management of their document related content effectively and professionally.

With over 25 years’ experience in helping customers achieve cost savings and increase the productivity of staff, our company has enough knowledge within the industry to provide high quality document capture, document management, email processing, forms processing and workflow services that are guaranteed to achieve outstanding results whether a small business or enterprise level company

Here at PacSol, we cater to a vast array of industries and sectors, some of which include manufacturing, finance, retail, logistics, education, insurance, recruitment and more.  We are partnered up with some of the UK’s leading hardware and software providers including DocuWare, KOFAX, Fujitsu, Invu Solution and IBM, providing clients with a variety of products that are related to Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Automation and complex data capture and integration.  Our solutions are designed with one or a combination of our and partner products to suit all platforms and all applications.

Specialising primarily in information management, our company offers a distinctive range of document imaging and workflow systems (including our own ImageView Suite for the IBM i platform) that are thoroughly tested and have been utilised across many well-established organisations including Motor Insurer’s Bureau, Legal & General, DAS Insurance, Cargill and Wilkinson Stores. 

Our solutions are designed to help clients create a more productive business environment as well as help them save time and money.  We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who are more than happy to answer any queries.

Articles/Press Releases

  • 08/03/2024 - Do you still print to approve?
    Far too many organisations are still allowing areas of their business processes to stagnate at the expense of efficiency and with a negative impact on earnings.
  • 08/02/2024 - The Great Email Conundrum
    (or to store or not to store, that is the question)
  • 04/01/2024 - Start 2024 with some free consultancy!
    Is 2024 the year you get your compliance in order?
  • 07/12/2023 - Why the database is the real key to DMS success
    When implementing a new document management system (DMS), often the database component on which the system relies is not given as much consideration as perhaps it deserves.
  • 08/11/2023 - Where art thou data?
    One of the biggest misconceptions about cloud applications is that control is lost over your data. This is far from the truth, if anything, hosting your data with a reputable cloud application supplier (SaaS) could mean that your data is better secured against theft, loss and/or malicious tampering than when on local ‘on-premise’ systems.
  • 10/10/2023 - How Document Management Supports Compliance
    Last month PacSol published an article on compliance which gave a few examples of how a document management system can be utilised to relieve the pressure on an organisation.
  • 07/09/2023 - Aim to exceed, not disappoint
    We all want to avoid disappointment. Everyone has an example of seeing or wanting something only for ‘whatever’ to be delivered and for it to fall short of our expectations.
  • 12/07/2023 - 35 years of IBM i
    35 years is a long time, especially in this age of fast paced change and technological progress.
  • 06/06/2023 - How to deal with a pile of paper & extract its valuable data.
    For years, the call to document management has led with the ideal of the paperless office. For many there is not just the current incoming content to consider but potentially a large legacy of paper sat in boxes.
  • 12/04/2023 - The PacSol Partnership
    We are in the business of helping. Specifically partnering with our clients, extracting the maximum benefit from and reducing the processing time of documentation.
  • 07/03/2023 - Employee Management made simple with DocuWare
    With UK specific options now developed, DocuWare has released a pre-configured employee management solution which will allow any HR department to almost instantly begin handling department content efficiently and securely.
  • 03/11/2022 - Automation – the current business buzzword?
    Having dropped in to a local B2B (business to business) event this week and spent a little time observing the offers around, it became very clear that the word prominently featured on most service providers banners was automation.
  • 13/10/2022 - Business Process Automation – why???
    Here at PacSol, our mission is to improve the quality of company business processes through automating the mundane (data extraction/storage/integration) and accelerating the time to complete many repetitive tasks.
  • 13/07/2022 - How digital transformation will help save the planet (one email at a time)
    Technology requires energy. With 4.1 million of us now being internet connected (and it will continue to grow) and with sources of that energy still being reliant on fossil fuels or ‘non-renewable’ if you prefer, the impact of that usage will continue to grow.
  • 11/05/2022 - Foundations are key but why stop there?
    Over the last 2 months, I have witnessed approximately 180 tonnes of spoil (mostly chalk) being loaded and transported away from our house as preparations are made to build a new garage and extension.
  • 07/03/2022 - PacSol help shape IBM® Datacap certification
    When IBM needed to validate their recent refresh of the ‘IBM® Certified Developer – Datacap V9.1.8’ certification, Ranjit Patel (PacSol’s Development Manager) was approached to assist.
  • 08/02/2022 - Digital Transformation is an urgent necessity (not a new Netflix series on robots)
    Here in the UK at the time of writing, the restrictions around movement and co-occupancy are steadily lifting and many employees are starting conversations with employers about what to do next regarding their place of work.
  • 10/01/2022 - GDPR and the ECM platform
    It is now just over 3 years (25 May 2018) since compliance with the principles of GDPR became law in the UK and despite the UK exiting the EU, meaning the legislation was essentially ‘versioned’ as UK GDPR, those same key principles still apply.
  • 09/11/2021 - Hyperautomation: Just a bunch of hype?
    Towards the end of 2019, Gartner coined the term “hyperautomation” to describe the next step in a business’s search for processing efficiencies, but is it all just a bunch of recycled hype or is there something in this ‘new’ form of automation?
  • 06/10/2021 - 7 compelling reasons to use, optimise and automate your document management platform
    This blog has touched (sometimes at length) on the benefits of regularly reviewing business applications and their wider functionality to get the best out of them.
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