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Precision Technology Supplies Ltd

  • 0134 (Display number) 01342 410758
The Birches Industrial Estate
East Grinstead West Sussex RH19 1XZ United Kingdom

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About us

Precision Technology Supplies Ltd (PTS) offer one of the largest standard ranges of Metric and Unified (American threaded) Stainless Steel fasteners in Europe. Precision Turned Parts made to your drawings are complemented with a growing number of Class C and Allied products in many materials. With over 25years experience, PTS are your fastener and fixings specialist.

Stainless Steel Stock Range:

•    Nuts from M1.0 and 0UN - Grades: A2, A4, A4-80
•    Washers from M1.0 and 0UN - Grades: A2, A4
•    Socket and Torx Screws from M1.4 and 0UN - Grades: A2, A4, A4-80
•    Hexagons from M2 and 1UN, Grades: A2, A4, A4-80
•    Machine Screws from M1.0 and 0UN - Grades: A2, A4
•    Security Screws from M2 and 4UN - Grades: A2
•    Slotted Grubscrews from M1.6 - Grades: A2, A4
•    Split and Groove Pins from 1.0mm and 1/16” - Grades: A2, A4
•    Threaded Rod, Engineers Studs from M2 and 2un - Grades: A2, A4
•    Knurled Nuts and Screws from M2 - Grades: A2
•    Self Tapping Screws from #2 (2.2mm) - Grades: A2, A4
•    Self Drilling Screws from #4 (2.9mm) - Grades: A2
•    Woodscrews from #2 (2.5mm) - Grades: A2, A4
•    Cladding Screws from 4.5mm - Grades : A2
•    Chipboard Screws from #4 (3.0mm) - Grades: A2, A4
•    E-Clips and Circlips from 1.5mm - Grades: A2
•    Screws for ThermoPlastics from 3.0mm - Grades: A2
•    Rivets and Insert Nuts from 2.4mm - Grades: A2, A4
•    Socket Pipe Plugs from M8 and G1/8” - Grades: A2, A4
•    Hose Clamps from 10-16 - Grades: A2, A4

Precision Turned Parts – complex high precision parts from 0.5mm diameter in Aluminium, Brass, Silicone Bronze, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nylon, Inconel, Hastelloy, Monel, Delroy,Peek and Polyamide.

Class C and Allied Products:

•    Mild and High Tensile Steel Fasteners in Metric and Unified Threads
•    JIS (Japanese) spec fasteners on short leadtimes
•    Standard Brass and Silicon Bronze fasteners in Metric and Unified Threads
•    SEMS products to your design
•    Grommets, Cable Ties, Cable Glands
•    Strain Relief Bush, Insulating Tape
•    Plastic and Nylon parts, both standard and specials
•    Factored parts from branded suppliers
•    Patchlocking and plated fasteners
•    Captive fasteners – we have an in-house modification service for small runs

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