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About us

Process Sensing Technologies, also known as PST, provides an extensive selection of sensors encompassing gas, oxygen and level measurements. Our offerings also encompass an array of measurement instruments, ranging from probes and transmitters to analysers. These instruments cater to a variety of parameters including humidity, moisture, oxygen levels and trace impurities.

When overseeing a process, the apparent risks that manifest on the surface provide only a fraction of the entire scenario. At Process Sensing Technologies, our expertise lies in crafting measurement instruments and solutions. These empower our clients to gain precise visibility into and vigilant monitoring of conditions that remain veiled from plain sight, yet carry concealed dangers.

Through our exclusive technologies for measuring humidity and gas concentrations, we possess the capability to detect even at the scale of parts per billion. This grants us unparalleled understanding of processes, empowering our customers to embark on innovative journeys and continuous advancement. Our array of products paves the way for enhanced safety measures for both individuals and processes, amplified energy efficiency and elevated product quality.

Our Principles;

  • Commitment to Expertise: Our profound knowledge enables us to tailor solutions to each unique application.
  • Reliable Authorities: We provide our customers with solutions of remarkable precision and quality.
  • Unceasing Innovation: Our pursuit of betterment is unending.
  • Trailblazing Attitude: We support industry innovators by embracing specialised domains.
  • Harmonious Collaboration: We value the potential of global teamwork and inclusivity.
  • Unwavering Integrity: Our actions mirror our words, staying true to our commitments.
PST unites reputable brands, each renowned for the precision, reliability and innovation inherent in their products. These brands share an unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. Embarking on a developmental journey since 1965, and persisting to the present, our history is one of continuous innovation. As we gaze into the future, we eagerly anticipate achieving numerous more milestones. Brands include; Michell Instruments, Analytical Industries Inc, Rotronic AG, LDetek, Dynament, Status Scientific, Ntron Gas Measurement, SST Sensing Ltd and Isensix.

Products include;
  • Sensors - Carbon Dioxide Sensors, Hydrocarbons Sensors, Liquid Level Sensors, Methane Sensors, Nitrous Oxide Sensors, Oxygen Sensors, Optical Sensors, Zirconia Sensor, Medical Sensors, Diving Sensors, Propane Sensors and Refrigerant Gases.
  • Trace Moistire & Dew Point Measurment and Analysis - Dew-point Transmitters, Portable Hydrometers, Chilled Mirror Hygrometers, Humidity & Temperature Calibration Systems, Process Moisture Analysers, Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analysers and Moisture in liquid analyzers. 
  • Humiditry Measurement & Monitoring Relative Humidity - Probes & Sensors, Transmitters, Data Loggers, Handheld Instruments, Measuring Probes & Instruments for Meteorology and Humidity & Temperature Calibration Systems.
  • Water Activity Measurment - Moisture meters & Monitoring Systems.
  • Oxygen Measurement Analysers, Transmitters & Sensors - OEM Oxygen Analysers, Oxygen Transmitters, Hazardous Area & SIL Capable Oxygen Analysers, Oxygen Analyzers, Trace & Purity Oxygen Analysers, Portable Analysers, Oxygen Analysers for Diving & Medical and Combustion Control Oxygen Analysers.
  • Trace Impurity Measurements - Gas Chromatographs, Online Impurities Analysers and Plasma Emission Detectors.
  • CO2 Air Quality & Differential Pressure Measurement.
  • H2, Binary, Toxic & Flammable Gases - Analysers, Detectors & Control Panels.
  • Temperature - Loggers & Handheld Instruments for Temperature Measurement & Monitoring. 
  • Refrigerant Gas Identifiers.
  • Real Time Monitoring Solutions - Flexible and Configurable Environmental Monitoring. 

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