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46 Fawkes Avenue
Dartford Kent DA1 1JQ United Kingdom

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Entrance Control - Square Cab


✔ Easy setup - a control panel equipped with a display and a multi-function selector allows easy setup of functions and operating modes
✔ LED pictograms - shows active/inactive traffic directions in the passage, the red arrow shows the inactive/blocked traffic direction and the green arrow shows the active/unblocked traffic direction
✔ Sound signalling - an alarm sounds in unusual situations e.g. two people trying to pass through the speed gates, unauthorised access or an unauthorised object in the movement detection area
✔ Emergency exit - the gate remains open in case of a power failure
✔ Overload protection - all gates have additional overload protection systems to stop the wings and sound the alarm if an obstacle is detected

Safetell’s Speed Gates provide an aesthetically pleasing entrance control and anti-tailgating solution to any building or secure area. Available in a number of finishes and styles, utilising both external and internal glazed wings. These speed gates can be supplied to complement any interior design.

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About us

Organisations can rely on Safetell Ltd for physical security solutions.

To contribute to a safer society, we use our expertise and experience to support organisations in building secure, accessible, and efficient environments.
For over 30 years, Safetell has kept people, property, and assets safe.

Initially, we supported retail banks by designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining Fast Rising Screens to protect their staff and capital against armed robberies.

As our company has grown, we have expanded our range of services to include fixed and automated security screens, security counters, security doors, as well as automatic entrance control products such as speed lanes, speed gates, security portals, and automated doors.

Our client base has grown as we have expanded our areas of expertise; now we support government departments, embassies, banks, emergency services, and the private sector.
The success of our company has been built on our ability to innovate and test products that meet the needs of our clients. Whether it is a vandal-resistant transfer unit or a fully ballistic and blast-resistant solution, our team is experienced and well-qualified to advise our clients on the right security rating.

Bespoke Design
To drive a project from idea to completion, our multidisciplinary team leads a detailed design phase. As a result, we are able to offer our customers bespoke solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Project Management
Our team of in-house experts has experience working in challenging conditions and in high-risk locations. Client needs are better understood, customised solutions are developed, and relationships are strengthened as a result. Continually exceeding expectations is our goal.

Specialist Installation Teams
It doesn't matter what the environment is, our expert installation team can handle it. In any situation, you can count on efficient, high-quality results. Get the most out of your installation by partnering with us.

After-Sales Support
Customer service teams answer any questions and resolve any issues you may have, ensuring your product runs as smoothly as possible. You can count on the quality and longevity of our products with our extended lifetime warranties.


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