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  • 0194 (Display number) 01942 721444
Unit A9, Walter Leigh Way
Moss Industrial Estate
St. Helens Road
Leigh Lancashire WN7 3PT United Kingdom

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Commercial Waste Bins


If you need any help choosing the right wheelie bin for you, don’t hesitate to Get in Touch with our dedicated customer support teary using our Commercial Waste Bin form.

Many businesses require large wheelie bins or containers to deal with the amount of waste generated. At SB Waste Solutions, we have comprehensive a range of high capacity two and four-wheeled bins that are ideal for commercial and trade waste.

Constructed from high-density polyethylene, our commercial wheelie bins are lightweight enough to handle easily yet durable enough to endure regular daily use.

The wheeled bins can withstand harsh external conditions and can be used to dispose of almost anything as they are resistant to acid and alkaline solutions, fungi, bacteria and washing detergents.

Our Commercial Waste Bins come in a variety of colours, making it easier than ever for your business to separate recyclable materials from other waste.
You can choose from a wide range of features to develop an effective solution to the specific waste problems of your business, such as: gravity locking; auxiliary handles; standard key-operated locking systems; reflective bands; soundproofing systems, lid-opening pedals; various lid apertures; towing attachments and more.

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About us

SB Waste Solutions offers Waste Management Services to businesses, leveraging over 35 years of expertise to guarantee optimal outcomes through our customer-centric UK Team.
We lead in Waste Recycling innovation and technology, providing customers with top-notch service. SB Waste Solutions Limited assists companies in creating sustainable Waste Management plans, fostering enduring and mutually beneficial relationships that drive industry product and service enhancement.
Our team provides cutting-edge and sustainable Waste Management Solutions. With extensive experience in our field, we have access to reliable and ethical suppliers who meet our rigorous quality control standards.
Our Waste Management Services Include:

We provide customers with meticulously crafted, independent, and completely tailored Waste Management and Recycling Solutions, outlined below.

Site Clearance
At SB Waste Solutions, Site Clearance Services are a vital aspect of our operations. Whether you're relocating offices, undergoing renovations, closing down, or simply need to clear accumulated waste, our professional Site Clearance Service offers the ideal solution. We cover all labour and waste transfer expenses. Our fully licensed and insured Site Clearance Team can efficiently remove furniture or waste from any area of your property. Over time, we've provided site clearances for multinational corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We offer same-day disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), confidential document disposal, and hazardous waste clearance.
Waste Disposal
SB Waste Solutions leads in Waste Recycling innovation and technology, providing our customers with cutting-edge service. Waste disposal is a concern for every business in the UK that generates waste. Regardless of size, any business producing waste has a legal obligation to ensure proper disposal.

Waste Recycling
SB Waste Solutions is at the forefront of Waste Recycling innovation and technology, offering our customers advanced service. Waste Recycling is a concern for every business in the UK that generates waste. No matter the size, if a business produces waste, SB Waste can assist in implementing a Recycling plan that complies with legislation.
Waste Solutions
Our Waste Solutions include;

  • Waste Bins
  • Waste Signage
  • Waste Skip Hire
  • Recycling Balers
  • Recycling Compactors
SB Waste Solutions welcomes projects of all sizes and is eager to hear about yours. Feel free to reach out to us regarding your project without hesitation.

To reach us regarding any matter, please call 01942 721444 or email

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