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  • Designing your locker room with steel lockers

    You’re probably sitting there, reading this and wondering why you would need to design a locker room. After all, it’s just a room where people get changed and stash their belongings, right? No

  • Acoustic Movable Walls ~ Where Sound is Sacred

    Modern worship spaces have increasingly seen a need for multi-functionality, often hosting multiple religious services with varying acoustical needs simultaneously. Movable Walls are acoustically rated partitions and are designed, engineered and installed to provide varying degrees of sound control, encompassing the mitigation of any unwanted sound from intrusive noise sources from one space to the next.

  • Choosing the correct Acoustic Partition

    Acoustic partitions allow schools, hotels, meeting rooms and other facilities to divide and expand rooms to meet their ever changing requirements. Specifying them into the building design not only allows the owner to provide privacy, but also maximises a facility's use by enabling the hosting of simultaneous events. Choosing an Acoustic Partition isn't always an easy task. So how do you choose the correct partition for your facility?

  • ANPR helps to secure North West Ambulance Service Regional HQ

    As part of a new centrally controlled vehicle security system, The North West Ambulance Service has recently updated the security of its premises at its Lancashire regional headquarters using Nortech’s stainless steel bollards that house Nedap ANPR cameras.

  • How Cloud Technology Has Changed Digital Working

    Advances in technology and the growth of mobile, data, social and cloud technology has completely changed how we access information and how we communicate, both in our personal lives and professionally.

Articles 1 to 10 | Page 1 of 107

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