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About us

SFS Group's Construction Division holds the distinction of being the global leader in producing and distributing carbon and stainless steel fastening solutions for roofing, cladding, and façade systems.

Furthermore, SFS produces an acclaimed line-up of fall protection solutions, inventive systems for rainscreen subframes, and top-notch hinges designed for windows and doors.

Based in Leeds, UK, where fasteners have been produced for more than a century, SFS UK provides architects, designers, consulting engineers, and contractors with a well-established dedication to product excellence, pioneering innovation, customised technical resolutions, and unparalleled service quality.

Our Products for Construction Include:

Roofing & Cladding
A frontrunner in power tool fasteners, SFS presents an extensive array of items, complemented by comprehensive proficiency in application. In the 1970s, SFS effectively transformed the construction field by introducing self-drilling screws. Meticulously tailored to suit the precise material, finishing, and support structure of the building, SFS provides an extensive selection of system solutions encompassing screw-in fasteners and rivet technology.

Our all-encompassing solutions guarantee accurate and long-lasting rainscreen installations. By prioritising precision engineering and advanced technology, we provide consumable products that ensure effective sealing, dependable fastening, and correct installation within rainscreen applications.

Flat Roofing
For more than half a century, SFS has led the way in establishing benchmarks for mechanically fastening membranes and insulation on flat roofs.

Timber Construction
We offer an array of technical options for structural joints and reinforcements in the timber construction sector. Our extensive selection of innovative products empowers designers to bring their concepts to life. SFS's tailor-made fastening solutions for timber ensure both economic and efficient designs, providing a safe and effective approach without any concessions.

Hinge Technology
We manufacture an exceptionally advanced assortment of hinges, tailored for PVC, composite, timber, and aluminium entrance doors, along with internal doors for residential and commercial domains. Additionally, we offer adjustable window installations designed for thermally insulated wall structures. Our team of engineers at SFS continuously create solutions that fulfil the elevated demands of both end-users and architects, often customised to meet specific customer requirements. Every hinge we produce holds CE certification, aligns with security standards like PAS 024, and holds accreditation from 'Secured by Design,' ensuring compliance with EN 1935 testing guidelines.

Fall Protection
Driven by an unwavering commitment to precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, we present an array of solutions dedicated to guaranteeing safe mobility and fall protection for those working at elevated altitudes. Our proficiency extends across various sectors, including construction, industry, and commerce, affirming that each solution meets the most stringent benchmarks for quality and efficiency.

UK Tools & Consumables
With an unwavering dedication to precision engineering and state-of-the-art technology, we provide an assortment of tools and consumables designed to guarantee safe movement and fall prevention for those working at elevated levels in the UK. Our proficiency covers construction, industrial, and commercial fields, ensuring that each tool and consumable adheres to the most stringent benchmarks for quality and effectiveness.

SFS manufactures products of exceptional quality that are meticulously designed for specific applications. This approach allows us to integrate distinct safety attributes into our product solutions, mitigating the risk of installer mistakes and guaranteeing the robustness and longevity of our offerings.

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