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The Right Concrete Mix For Your Project Design


Design concrete is hugely important in the concrete industry. It involves mixing exact quantities of aggregates, cementitious materials and admixtures to develop a mix that meets a specific need or specification.
Design concrete comes in a variety of types, including:

C10 – Similar uses to C7, with a slightly higher cement content
C15 – Popular for those looking to install concrete pathways or blinding for steel
C20 – Commonly used for domestic projects, this medium strength mix can be used on patio paving, house extensions and wall foundations
C25 – An incredibly versatile mix, this type is used for drainage, trench filling, housing foundations and more
C30 – This mix can be used for a wide variety of domestic and commercial construction tasks – including foundations, garages, concrete shed bases and more
C35 – Regularly used for projects such as internal paving for heavy use, reinforced bases, agricultural building construction and reinforced concrete walls
C40 – One of the strongest design concrete mixes, C40 is used for concrete walls, paving, HGV parking, septic tank foundations and more
C50 – a specialist high performance / high strength concrete known for its durability. This concrete is typically used when placing concrete in harsh conditions where high levels of abrasion or strong chemicals are present.

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About us

From its inception, Stewart Brothers Concrete set forth two primary objectives: delivering superior concrete and unmatched service to the Kent region. With over thirty years of industry experience, we have remained resolute and unwavering in our pursuit of these goals.

Being a family-owned enterprise, we prioritise customer satisfaction in all our endeavours. Whether you're engaged in a sizable commercial venture or just arranging garden slabs, we recognise the uniqueness of each project, demanding a tailored approach.

Our Products Include:

Concrete Applications
Renowned for its durability and versatility, concrete finds extensive use in both residential and commercial construction endeavours. When it comes to choosing the suitable type for your needs, it might be tempting to assume that any standard mixture will suffice. However, this assumption is inaccurate.

Domestic Concrete
In any home construction project, concrete stands as a primary essential. Whether you're constructing a garage, shed, or even a complete home, the adept professionals at Stewart Brothers Concrete can furnish you with top-notch domestic concrete that aligns with all your specifications.

Commercial Concrete
Boasting over thirty years of expertise, the Stewart Brothers Concrete team has provided commercial concrete to a diverse range of projects and construction sites throughout Kent, including Ashford. As a prominent contractor in the commercial concrete sector, we prioritise your requirements, tailoring unique mixes that precisely match the demands of your project.

Concrete Pumps
Stewart Brothers Concrete offers more than just top-notch concrete blends. In addition to customising mixes to match your project, our fleet of vehicles is prepared to deliver throughout Kent and Ashford. Sometimes, site access and concrete distribution pose challenges. While using wheelbarrows to transport concrete from vehicles to the desired spot is one option, concrete pumping presents a far more convenient solution. Employing concrete pumps ensures swift transportation of your mix to all corners of the site, guaranteeing efficiency.

Concrete Screed & Floors
Opting for budget-friendly materials is consistently advantageous in both commercial and residential ventures, and floor screeding stands as an excellent approach to ensure initial success. Stewart Brothers Concrete specialises in delivering premium floor screed to clients throughout Kent, including Ashford. Our selection encompasses an array of mixtures and varieties to align with your specific needs.

Constituting a significant portion, ranging from 60% to 80%, of all concrete blends, the presence of high-grade aggregates is of utmost significance to ensure the optimal performance of your concrete mixture.

We'll collaborate closely with you to ascertain your precise needs, and subsequently provide you with premium concrete blends and aggregates. These resources will culminate in the desired end product, delivered punctually and adhering to your budget.

Utilising our extensive expertise alongside superior products, we also present exceptional concrete pump rental services. This facilitates precise pouring of your mixture to the required locations, expediting your tasks and reducing errors.

Should you have any inquiries regarding our services, don't hesitate to reach out. One of our team members will be glad to offer you advice and assistance, so feel free to contact us now for further details.

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Stewart Brothers Concrete

I used Stewart Bros for foundations and floor slabs. Six loads in total over four different days. All their staff were courteous and helpful - they made a potentially difficult job easy. The service from the office is excellent and I would not hesitate to use them again.


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