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About us

Team Corporation UK Ltd specialises in the design, construction, and delivery of advanced single and multi-axis vibration and shock testing systems, along with associated components.

Team Corporation provides a diverse array of solutions tailored to meet your vibration testing system needs. Our precision-engineered test systems and components ensure precise results, empowering you to create more resilient products. With our trusted components, you can conduct highly effective testing and evaluation, facilitating quality control and identifying potential performance concerns with precision.

Across industries ranging from aerospace to petrochemicals to independent environmental testing, we cater to diverse needs with our reliable test systems. Whatever your specific requirements may be, whether it involves assessing a product or system's resilience against routine vibration, extreme seismic events, or meeting industry-specific test standards, Team Corporation is here to collaborate with you in crafting tailored solutions.

Our Products Include:

Vibration Test Systems

Our vibration testing systems play a vital role in guaranteeing the integrity and reliability of your product. We provide a diverse array of products to cater to an extensive range of vibration testing requirements, encompassing single and multi-axis systems, as well as acoustic sound generation. Our expertise enables us to identify and tailor custom vibration testing solutions precisely suited to your specific applications.

Vertical vibration testing systems are engineered for conducting tests that demand high force, extended stroke, or exceptionally low-frequency capability.
Our horizontal vibration test systems outperform the competition. They incorporate our high-performance T-Film™ bearings into the slip table offering unmatched test article guidance and support.
Team Corporation's multi-axis vibration testing systems replicate real-world vibrations, offering simulation capabilities ranging from two to six degrees of freedom.
Team Corporation's rotary systems are especially beneficial for torsional vibration testing and product development purposes.
Slip Tables
Utilising multiple bearings to fully support and guide the slip plate provides exceptional dynamic stability and damping, leading to improved test outcomes.
Team Corporation's fatigue-rated actuators have proven their reliability in numerous applications across a wide spectrum of demanding operational environments.
Head Expanders
Team Corporation's conventional and guided head expanders are meticulously crafted to provide optimal dynamic response while minimising mass and weight.
… And more.
Team Corporation will collaborate closely with you to comprehend your needs and preferences thoroughly. We will present a system tailored to meet these requirements while adhering to your limitations. Our approach ensures transparency regarding the pros and cons of the proposed system, equipping you with the insights needed to make well-informed decisions. By sharing our expertise with the test engineers who specify and utilise your system, we aim to optimise performance, minimise expenses, and expedite the delivery of your system.

Team Corporation has a rich history of innovation, from pioneering hydraulic shakers to unveiling the first 6-degree-of-freedom systems. Over the years, we have introduced a multitude of innovations to the field. Our solutions have been developed for a diverse range of applications, including vibration testing of armaments, missiles, automobile components, vehicles, communication satellites, various types of instrumentation, military and civilian aircraft components, as well as shipping containers.

Challenge us with your requirements. Reach out to Team Corporation today to discuss your future test system needs or to request service or preventative maintenance for an existing system. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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