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About us

Techni Measure offer advice and supply for a large range of sensors for measuring strain, pressure, force, vibration and displacement, along with compatible instrumentation.

For more details on any of these products, including special requirements or advice on choice and implementation of our products please do not hesitate to contact us.

To keep up to date with our latest products, register for Techni-Talk, our bi-annual newsletter. These are some of our most popular products, but there are many more.

Available from TML, are a large range of strain gauges and accessories, many of which we keep in stock for quick delivery. Apart from the standard foil range there are many special gauges such as weldable types for very high temperatures or dirty environments, bolt gauges for measuring axial force in a bolt, special gauges for concrete embedment, and many more. Free advice on choice and use of gauges is available from Techni Measure.

From Dytran Instruments comes a large range of piezoelectric accelerometers for both test and measurement applications and rugged industrial designs. Most models have built in electronics, but there are also charge output types that can be used for measurements in very high temperatures. Dytran also produce DC accelerometers based on MEMS sensors to measure down to DC, and have several novel devices in their range. Single axis and triaxial designs are available, and advice is available from Techni Measure for choosing the correct sensor.

Lord MicroStrain offer a range wireless systems for linking to strain gauges and transducers, thermocouples, displacement sensors and for many more measurement parameters. A typical system would require a node and a base station, utilising the free to use 2.4GHz bandwidth. Transmission over 70m is possible, and many power saving features are built into the nodes, with easy computer set up via a USB connection.

Lord MicroStrain also offer a range of inertial sensors (IMU’s) and attitude heading and GPS aided navigation systems utilising MEMS sensor technology. Systems include three orthogonal rate gyroscopes, three orthogonal accelerometers, magnetometers, a microprocessor, and in some models a built in GPS system.

Techni Measure offer a wide range of displacement sensors from several different suppliers, utilising several different technologies, to provide solutions to many measurement problems. Both contact and non-contact sensors are available, and very precise small gap measurements are possible with capacitance technology.

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