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About us

Transformers & Rectifiers Ltd is an internationally renowned company that specialises in the design, production, installation, and upkeep of various types of transformers and transformer rectifiers, including liquid-filled, cast resin, and dry-type models. As an independent British enterprise, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch engineering solutions to customers worldwide, establishing ourselves as leaders in the industry.

T&R has played a crucial role in developing and producing environmentally sustainable power solutions for a customer at the forefront of emission-free train technology. By harnessing emerging technologies, they introduce innovative and intelligent concepts that provide advantages for passengers, operators, the environment, and the broader rail industry.

Our Products Include:

Traction Transformer & Rectifier Units
Transformers and Rectifiers Ltd stands as the sole UK-based company that possesses the capability to independently design and manufacture a comprehensive selection of traction rectifiers, with a capacity of up to 4.25MW, all within a single facility.

Power Transformers
Our product line-up includes a diverse range of transformers filled with either 'Mineral' oil, 'Midel' fluid, or 'Silicon' fluid. These transformers can accommodate power capacities of up to 7500 kVA, and they are designed to operate at a maximum system voltage of 36,000 volts.

Industrial Transformer Rectifier Units
Our transformer rectifiers are specifically designed to efficiently dissipate heat that is generated during operation. They can utilise various cooling methods such as natural air cooling, forced air cooling, water forced cooling, or oil immersion cooling.

Voltage Regulating Transformers
Our regulating transformers offer the capability to adjust voltage levels for the purpose of variation or stabilisation, all while ensuring there is no phase shift or degradation of the supply waveform and power factor.

Voltage Stabilising Transformers
The voltage stabiliser is employed to deliver a consistent and dependable voltage to an unpredictable or fluctuating network.

Shore to Ship Power Supply Units
Navy dockyards worldwide find great advantage in utilising the T&R 'Shore to Ship' power supply unit, which effectively caters to the power needs of submarines and fleet support vessels. This equipment is equipped with a voltage monitoring relay that ensures a constant and reliable voltage supply.

… And more.

Why Choose Us
History of Excellence
With over 65 years of history, we are a distinguished independent British company. Our ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates our unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality products and services to our valued customers. This commitment extends beyond the initial purchase, as we also offer comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance services for their benefit.

Global Reach
We cater to a global customer base, which includes prominent and reputable companies across various industries such as defence, infrastructure, and beyond. Our clientele consists of market-leading, blue-chip organisations operating in diverse environments around the world.

Tailor-Made Solutions
We specialise in creating and advancing cutting-edge, customised solutions, and we pride ourselves on our unmatched ability and dedication to promptly address our customers' requirements.

Sterling Reputation
Our products are widely recognised as the most dependable, durable, and efficient solutions available worldwide. This has earned us a renowned global reputation for delivering exceptional service excellence.

Customers spanning navy dockyards across the world, national railways, and metro systems place their trust in our expertise. They rely on us to provide reliable, tailor-made engineering solutions that meet their specific requirements.

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