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TVS Acoustics

  • 0170 (Display number) 01706 260220
Low Bay, Commerce Street
Carrs Industrial Estate
Rossendale Lancashire BB4 5JT United Kingdom

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About us

Being a proud leader in the market, Lancashire based Total Vibration Solutions continues to thrive in being an innovative supplier of noise and vibration control services. It has been doing so for over 15 years now and has provided high standard services to industries such as engineering, construction, leisure, industrial and so on.
Our products cover six areas: Building acoustics, vibration isolation for HVAC systems, home acoustics, structural & foundation isolation, interior room acoustics and, finally, industrial noise & vibration control.
Our materials and products are vast, from acoustic reflectors, neoprene isolation mounts, leveling mounts, Sylomer building isolation materials, SRH spring and neoprene vibration isolation hangers, impact absorbing underlay, precision equipment, soundproofing materials, machine foundation isolation sheets, TVS ABSorb panel acoustic absorbers, TVS INSu barrier mats, TVS ABSorb composition panels, floating floor systems and more.
Along with products come the services. Our teams of experts are fully qualified in undertaking vibration and noise surveys, installations, consulting services and bespoke requirements. And as for technical services, our engineers have a rich knowledge in advising clients regarding everything to do with noise and vibration, acoustics, structural isolation, noise damping, avoiding vibration and more.
As well as engineers, our team consists of consultants, architects and contractors who work hard on design and bespoke design, supply and fitting. They are always determined to meet requirements, solve problems and supply high quality services whilst working in conjunction with our dedicated quality and environmental strategies.
We are a trusted company to the point where we have a number of reliable partners such as Kinetics Noise Control, GERB Vibration Control Specialists, Kraiburg Relastec, Amorim Cork Composites, Getzner Werkstoffe, The VMC Group, Minus K Technology Inc and WSBL Ltd.

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