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Zero Clips secures future after staff buy-out

23 May 2012

Zero Clips Ltd celebrated a successful management buy-out by its employees.

As a result the companies four staff have gone from being employees to shareholders. The shareholders are Brother and Sister John and Lynn Lymer, Kvieta Dixon and Imran Munawar. All four have worked for the company for many years and embarked on the buy-out, when they heard the previous owners were open to offers on the business.

Kvieta believed in the dedication of the staff and business, having worked in the business for many years and seeing a bright future for Zero Clips.

Zero Clips have been in business since 1978 and is a manufacturer and distributor of clips and clamps for use in a huge range of industries from automotive to white goods.

The company exports to a wide range of countries including Ireland, Denmark and Malta.

Having completed the takover which was funded by a combination of personal saving and an Enterprise  Finance Guarnatee loan, the new owners are not only looking forward to the challenge of running the business but expanding it.

Kvieta said "It's early days, but we want to increase sales and create new jobs. We want to build the business up and keep it for the rest of our working lives."

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