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Round-the-clock sales!

12 May 2008

Most sales revenue in a health club comes from membership fees. Next in line are much smaller amounts from class bookings and other secondary spending such as drinks and snacks.

So having a round-the-clock sales system where the majority of the club’s revenue goes directly into your bank account is essential. New or existing members should be able to conveniently join or renew their membership without having to queue or fill in forms.
SportSoft have developed a sophisticated web portal, which can be integrated with existing web sites, to provide leisure club members with a simple means to keep their membership up-to-date. As an added advantage, the same system can also be used to book classes and other activities.  The online system uses the same database as the PCs in the club, so double bookings  cannot be made.  A secure credit card system transfers all payments to your bank account. This all adds up to a better service for the customer, and cost savings at reception.

SportSoft have been suppliers of computerised leisure management systems since 1990.  You can contact them on 01423 873873 or visit their website at

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