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Yorkshire Profiles Ltd based in North Yorkshire has been successfully registered as an ISO9001:2008 compliant business.

19 October 2012

ISO9001 is part of the ISO9000 family of internationally recognised standards.

It mainly focusses on Quality Management Systems within an organisation and it requires an independent external audit. The standard covers all areas of a business from facilities, people, training, services and equipment.

The main benefits of ISO9001 certification are more efficient working practices which help and support staff and also improve customer satisfaction.

“In terms of implementation for Yorkshire Profiles, It was a straight forward process. We already had most required systems and procedures in place; we just needed to improve documentation to meet the standard.”

The scope of the ISO9001 certificate covers our laser cutting, waterjet cutting and sheet metal folding services.

“Meeting the ISO9001 certification requirements shows our commitment to providing a high quality product and continually improving the services we provide.”

The standard will aid achieving on time deliveries and demonstrates a ‘right first time’ attitude. Although the standard itself does not act as a guarantee that everything will always be correct on every occasion, it is certainly a ‘quality assurance’ that any non-conformities will be dealt with efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner.

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