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Has your Nail Salon been made ‘Safe?’

20 June 2008

'Safe Salons' indicate the difference between a good salon and a bad one.

It is a common misperception that false nails damage your natural nails but according to ‘Safe Salons,’ this isn’t the case. As the first independent assessment of nail salons in the UK, Safe Salons are scouring the country for salons that are damaging their customer’s natural nails with harsh adhesives and giving those that don’t the stamp of approval.

Safe Salon claims that nail enhancement isn’t damaging providing that the technician applying them does so correctly. A ‘Safe Salon’ is a salon that has been visited by a Safe Salon representative; the technicians will have been approved for correct practice and the salon will use the gluing product EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate), which allows the nail flexibility and shock absorbance. Plus without having to etch into the natural nail. It will also recommend that the salon uses the Safe Salon recommended salon hygiene range by Mundo. It is the only product range that Safe Salon recommends and is designed to cover all aspects of salon hygiene -including skin, surfaces, instruments, tools and foot spas.

 Commenting on the recommendation from Safe Salons, Nigel Rouse - managing director of Mundo Professional, stated:

“Like Safe Salons, we believe that high standards of hygiene should be seen in every salon - and with mobile technicians and therapists too. Mundo Professional makes such high standards of hygiene very easy. The Mundo Professional range is formulated to combat modern diseases that pose a real threat, including E-Coli, MRSA and HIV. Products are designed to be quick and easy to use - whilst providing extremely high standards of disinfection.”

 The problem nail salons that Safe Salon is watching out for are the ones calling themselves ‘Non Standard Salons.’ They tend to be discounted nail salons that use the controversial product MMA. A product renowned for its damaging properties, I t was described as a ‘poisonous and deleterious substance and should not be used…’ by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). A ‘Safe Salon’ will not endorse or encourage this practice.

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