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Buyer Beware

12 April 2013

Are you one of the companies who have had access panel doors fall out the ceiling? This has already happened, resulting in damage and personal injury.

Have your sites informed you of access panel doors falling out of the ceiling?
Have sites informed you of the above causing injury requiring hospital admission?
Are you aware the above HAS occurred in a number of public buildings?
Have your fixers requested no more ‘crap’ is purchased?
Have your fixers complained it takes twice as long to fit the above access panels?

Recent comments from within the industry include:
  • “We considered the hinges ‘not fit for purpose’ and would be more suitable for a Meccano Kit; not an access panel”.
  • “It was clear to us that the panel had been designed with the sole intention of reducing production costs in order to offer buyers cheap panels”.
  • This at best could result in damage or at worst injury or even death.
We have heard buyers’ claim that they buy purely on price as when the door is closed you cannot tell one brand from another.

Be it on their heads.

Would you install gas using a non-registered Gas safe plumber?

Use an accredited access panel manufacturer.

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