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11 November 2013

Managing Your Business

Core by premier provides a complete management software suite for the leisure, spa and wellness industry.

The flexible design and single database structure can be tailored to meet the requirements of single and multi-site locations.



Administrator enables access to live data and report generation in real time across all locations, for multi-site environments.


Configuration allows you to define every aspect of your software, from treatment customisation to setting up leisure facilities.


Reception allows you to schedule activities. Including all client facing features – take payment, up sell products & vouchers and review clients records & history.


Reservations is specifically designed for call centres, allowing centralised booking for all locations.


Manager provides site level control featuring stock management, purchase order creation and performance tracking.

CORE by premier is the chosen management solution for some of the world’s leading brands.

For more information please visit or call 01543 466580.

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