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EECO Switch launch new rubber keypad

16 June 2014

EECO Switch are pleased to announce the development of a new method in rubber keypad production which allows windows on a keypad to remain hidden until they are illuminated from below.

This has particular benefits where light pollution or interference is a problem, or where there is a need to restrict the availability of a number of functions at certain times.  Also less options make a keypad more user friendly, especially so where user time is limited.

Where heavy wear is expected the key-top legends can be protected to give longer life, and this additional treatment of the keypad does not affect the ‘Hid-Till-Lit’ positions. This new option joins the long list of key-top enhancements available from EECO Switch. Our Duracoat, EnCap and SCS Parylene key-top protection, together with plastic keycaps make available to our customers a very wide range of keypad finishes. All our keypads 
(elastomer and membrane) are bespoke to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements.

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