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IceDry Editorial - August 2014

18 February 2015

For decades Munters, a global leader in energy efficient air treatment, have been trusted by the food industry to create the optimal conditions needed to convey, cool, freeze, dry and cure foods using desiccant dehumidification systems.

Frequently opening doors causes moist air to enter the cold store which can settle on very cold surfaces then condense and freeze, causing ice to build on walls and floors.

For many years owners of cold stores have only dreamt of having frost free cold stores for their produce however with Munters IceDry™ this can become reality.

For the storage of frozen products Munters developed the FoodTech award winning IceDry™ securing storage without ice, frost, fog and dangerous working conditions. Due to the difference in water content in the ambient air and the air in the cold store, problems with ice and frost accelerate when moisture loaded outdoor air enters the cold store which is why Munters treats the moisture from inside the cold store to prevent ice forming; improving efficiency and creating a safer environment for staff and visitors.

Kitchen Range Foods had suffered these exact problems for many years before discovering Munters Icedry™. They supply products to big brand food outlets as well as wholesalers which were put in jeopardy when they suffered from the biggest challenge they had faced – Humidity.

During this time Andy Gordon of Kitchen Range said, “We have tried many other options over the years. At the lower end of the market we tried with some successes, drop down plastic curtains but these tended to get damaged easily, and went brittle and discoloured over time. Towards the upper end of the market, we tried using an air curtain however this proved to be unreliable, inefficient and was eventually turned off and never used again.” Losing patience Kitchen Range contacted Munters who installed an IceDry™ desiccant dehumidifier inside the cold store in order to target moisture at the source. The result says Andy Gordon of Kitchen Range said is “the condition of the cold store has greatly improved and we are now snow and ice free for the first time in many years. We no longer have issues with refrigeration equipment icing, blocking up and the cold store is now the best it’s even been for excessive ice and snow build up on the walls and packaging!”

IceDry controls the humidity and eliminates ice and frost. It also:

  • creates faster freezing of goods
  • reduces need for defrosts with up to 1/3
  • eliminates slippery conditions in the loading dock
  • assures product quality

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