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Does My Bum Look Big on the Toilet Seat?

17 November 2008

Chances are that it does. So how big is your bum? Measure it. Sit on a newspaper, take a pencil and make a mark either side of your buttocks. Measure the distance. Chances are that it will be more than 14 ½” / 37cm.

14 ½” inches is the size of a regular toilet seat. The one that all women and men use everyday. And it’s too small for your bum. It is the smallest seat that we sit on.

The new Big John toilet seat, from the USA, (where else?) is 19 inches (48cm) wide and claims to be the largest, most comfortable luxuriously contoured sitting surface with the largest opening, roomier than any other toilet seat. It is not just for the Big and Tall or the Plus size user; it is great for people who are larger framed or just want a more comfortable toilet seat.

The ultra-wide contoured seat gives 75% more comfortable sitting area than regular toilet seats. The Big John is made from the highest quality white stain-resistant plastic. Easily fitted in place of the regular seat, it looks very normal with a strong lid that will also act as a seat. It will more than take your weight; it has been tested to take the world’s heaviest people, (over 1200lbs / 85 st / 500 kg) and their bums really do look big.



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