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30 July 2015

Do you clean your teeth with your hands? Why treat your skin any differently.

Discover the secret to soft, youthful and radiant looking skin with PureCleanse, an everyday, ultrasonic frequency, face & body cleansing system.

Cleansing and exfoliating ones face and body with hands is becoming a method of the past, and many of us spend a lot of money on expensive cleansers and exfoliants only to be using our hands and not doing such products justice.
PureCleanse exfoliates, removes make-up, dirt and sebum, prevents blemishes, and increases micro-circulation. Ultrasonic technology enhances deeper penetration of skincare products to achieve maximum benefits. Long term use can refine pores, smooth wrinkles, and improve complexion.

PureCleanse is a slick, slim, high frequency, oscillating brush that is ergonomically pleasant and lightweight.
The key features of PureCleanse:

• Facial & body use
• Powerful system with over 17,500 revolutions per minute
• Rechargeable with USB - convenient in particular when travelling
• Long battery life - up to 125 60-second uses of system
• Waterproof - ease of use in the shower
• High, medium, and low speed - penetrates according to your skin’s preference
• Pre-programmed timing modes – perfect an efficient everyday cleansing routine (effective use from as quickly as 60 seconds)
• Additional brushes to suit unique conditions - e.g. very sensitive skin or acne.

What is included with each purchase?
• 1 x Sonic cleansing device
• 1 x Body cleansing brush
• 1 x Facial Sensitive-skin cleansing brush
• 1 x USB induction charging plug
• 1 x User manual
• 1 x Facial Normal-skin cleansing brush – our current promotion includes this with PureCleanse at no additional cost (RRP: £12.50)

PureCleanse is best used with a cleanser. Use with foam based cleansers is recommended however, cream-, oil- and milk-based products with or without foam can also be used. Cleansers can either be applied directly on the skin or on the brush head.

Very little cleanser can be used with the system in order to reap its benefits, in comparison to if the cleanser was used alone. This is due to the cleanser being able to penetrate deeper into the skin with use of the system, maximising its impact.

PureCleanse is equipped with a unique pre-programmed timer, to ensure time-efficient use for those busy mornings! This mode enables a user to select either a 60 second or 120 second cleanse, with timing prompts indicating when a user should move from one part of the face to another. Further details are to be found in the User Guide. A 30-minute, free cleanse mode can be selected for a user who does not want to be time constrained.

PureCleanse provides 3 adjustable speeds: High, Normal and Low, allowing a user to select which speed suits their skin best.
Once the desired timing mode and speed setting have been set, the brush head is to be moved gently in circles across the skin. The system is powerful and does the work itself therefore no pressure is required from the brush to the skin.

Once use is complete, the skin as well as the brush head need to be flushed with water. Skin care products such as a moisturiser can then be applied as desired.

Due to the high specification of PureCleanse, and the number of different cleansing combinations (Timer / Speed / Brush types etc.), we would encourage you to pick up the device and have a play; trying different options, to find what suits your skin best.

We suggest beginning use with the Sensitive-skin brush for your face, on a low speed mode. This offers the skin a chance to adapt to the thorough cleanse it is experiencing. As with most cleansing and exfoliating products, initial use may potentially cause small breakouts within the skin. This is due to the debris clogged within the pores surfacing outwards. However, once used for a short period continuously, this will naturally subside.

We encourage users to apply minimal pressure. The system is powerful and does all the work itself so we suggest to glide the brush across your skin.

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