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New Website Launch

30 July 2015

We have now launched a new website at to just concentrate on the larger pieces of shrink wrapping machinery, strapping and also cardboard shredders.

We have looked at prices and also the equipment and formulated a pricing structure that allows the customer to make the decision of “ do I really need to pay for installation”. The reason we have done this is because over the last 18 months we have supplied more and more equipment direct without the need to send an engineer to install.

Most of the equipment we sell is very easy to use and operate and when this type of equipment is supplied into some larger and even smaller companies they have engineering staff on site that are more than capable of installing the equipment. We do still back all the machines up with standard warranties and full telephone support. Doing this has given us some of the keenest prices available on the type of equipment we sell.

New Cardboard Shredding Range
We have also brought on board a complete new range of Cardboard shredding machines that are made in Italy by a company who are well known for the marble and concrete floor cutting equipment. So they have developed a range of shredding machines that turn waste cardboard boxes etc into a usable packaging void fill material. One of the main areas of damage to any cardboard shredding machines has always been that operators put through staples and this in turn damages the cutting head of the machine. With Kilndex being heavily into the cutting and grinding of stone etc we believe that their cardboard shredders will outlast any other on the market. Being a very engineering focused company they have also made design tweaks to other areas that on competitor’s machines that can be weak point so to speak.

New Pallet Wrapping Machines
To strengthen the range even further we are now the sole UK agents for EvoPac who although a very young company they have roots with one of Italy’s largest machinery automation companies. Again through clever design and forward thinking they have produced 2 machines that are ideal for entry level customers new to pallet stretch wrapping, looking to the changes that we have made to the website the machines fit perfectly as they are a plug and play unit. Both machines offer great value when you look at the advanced features the have many of which would not be found on this level of machine.

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